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Gardenia how to care for

Gardenia - this plant is a family of madder.The origin of this beautiful plant is China, Japan. This beautiful flower grows shrubbery, in natural conditions its height reaches one and a half meters. Its shiny, bright green, dense leaves with pointed tips about 10 cm long. Elegant, snow-white flowers are large enough in diameter to 6-9 cm.

Gardenia jasmine (gardenia jasmine) - this room is a very beautiful plant with a delicate aroma.

Gardenia how to care for

Gardenia is quite difficult to breed, as the plant is whimsical and very demanding to care.

Gardenia how to care? Watch the temperature

The temperature in the room, where gardenia grows,should be relatively stable - not lower than 16-18 degrees, but at the same time not higher than 23-25 ​​degrees of heat. In particular, it is very important to monitor the temperature in winter, because the roots of gardenia should not be supercooled. In order that the plant does not die in the cold season, it should not be put on a cold sill, the pot should be placed on a foam or some other warming material. In summer, avoidance of drafts and temperature drops of gardenia should not be taken out on the balcony.

Gardenia how to care? Air humidity

The room should be kept high humidityair, but to spray the plant should be treated with caution, especially during the laying of buds, as well as during flowering. When spraying, the drops should be small enough and in no case should fall on the flowers and buds of the plant. It is best not to spray the plant itself, but the air around the gardenia. Another fairly effective option of maintaining moisture is installing a pot of gardenia on wet sand (moss), or pebbles in a container of water, but this must be done so that the pot does not touch the water. Thus, due to evaporation, a moist environment around the plant will be created, and the roots will not suffer from constantly wet soil.

Gardenia how to care? How to water a plant

Gardenia jasmine-like watering is requiredabundance of warm soft water. Especially attentive to watering should be in the flowering period. It must be ensured that the soil does not dry out and is not waterlogged. If the rules of gardenia care are not observed, the plant can discard the buds.

Gardens how to care? We follow the consecration

Room gardenia requires bright consecration.But at the same time, we should not forget that the jasmine gardenia heavily tolerates direct sunlight. At noon, the plant is better to shade. On the question: Gardenia how to care? The answer is quite simple: The main thing in caring for this plant is moderation in everything.

Gardenia how to care? Plant nutrition

In the spring and summer do not forget about feeding.Every 8-10 days in a row the gardenia plant needs to be fed with fertilizers containing potassium and fluoride, but without calcium. In winter and autumn, the plant is not necessary to feed the plant.

Gardenia how to care? Plant transplantation

A young gardenia should be transplanted every yearin a larger pot, so that the growing roots were not crowded. Transplantation of gardenia every 3 years is necessary for an adult plant. Gardenia grows best in a weakly acidic (with an acidity of not more than 5) or neutral earth. It is possible to buy ready-made soil for gardenia in flower shops. So is the soil for roses and azaleas.

Sharp temperature changes, wrongpicked up soil, getting not leaves of direct sunlight - all this can lead to the fact that the flower will hurt, stop blooming and begin to turn yellow. But with proper care this indoor plant will delight you with its elegance, beauty and aroma for a long time.