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Warm floor in the bathroom: types and features of the installation

A warm floor in the bathroom is not a luxury, but a wayachieve comfort. After all, after taking a hot bath so you do not want to step on a cold floor covering! The use of modern heating technologies will allow to get rid of such inconveniences.

heated floor in the bathroom
Before installing the floor heating inbathroom, you should still understand its advantages for this particular room. And to them it is possible to carry not only comfort at walking, but also a number of others. So, things in the bathroom will dry faster, and moisture will evaporate faster, which will reduce the possibility of fungus or mold.

Stages of installation

  1. Mount the warm floor in the bathroom is possibleown hands. Start work on the arrangement of the heating system should be with the removal of the old floor covering. This is a prerequisite. If as a result of the work done the floor surface has uneven or other deformations, they should be eliminated. It is possible that you have to fill the leveling layer.
  2. Take care of the waterproofing. To do this, a moisture proof film must be laid on the prepared roughing floor.
  3. Next, you need to build a thermal insulation coating. The most common material is roll foamed polyethylene with a foil layer. Its use is due to the ease of laying. And the foil acts as a screen, through which heat is reflected. In addition, the foil coating will also be heated from the heating element, so that the floors will be warmed evenly.
  4. installation of a warm floor in the bathroom
    On top of the heat-insulating material, it is necessary to lay the cable or pipes of the warm floor. Do this in the form of a snake or a spiral.
  5. Next, you need to fill the resulting structure with concrete.
  6. The floor covering is the last.

Water heated floor in the bathroom and its features

This heating option has long been used. This is due to the fact that the heat source in the form of hot water is now present in the required room. To arrange such a system, it is necessary to lay special pipes in the form of a snake or a spiral and connect them to the heating system. Serpentine pipes are preferable, as the hot water supply and return will be located in parallel, which will allow an even heating of the entire floor.

Electric heated floor in the bathroom

electric floor heating in the bathroom
Many are afraid to use this type of heating. And they can be understood. Electric contacts and nearby water are a source of great danger. And nothing can be more dear than life and health of a person. But if everything is correctly and correctly done, then the possible risks are reduced to zero. And then you just have to enjoy using the heating system. An electric heating cable is suitable for bathrooms. It is laid in the form of a snake with a certain step. But there are special mats. If you use them, then laying heat insulation materials in most cases does not make sense, because the design of the product already includes them. Contacts of the heating cable or mat are connected to the thermostat, which is responsible for the operation of the entire system.