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Overhead sinks for the bathroom: the pros and cons

Just a couple of years overhead sinks for the bathroomfrom little-known turned into a popular and demanded plumbing. They differ not only in their simplicity of installation, but also in their original design and extensive assortment. Today in the market you can see models of shells from a number of leading world manufacturers of the most diverse form. Features and disadvantages of overhead washbasins today are to be studied.

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Overhead sink: for and against

Never faced with such plumbing and notcan you imagine how the design looks like? Everything is quite simple - it's a shell standing on a table top or any other horizontal surface. The bottom of the sink is flat, which allows you to mount it on any surface, above the curbstone or even a washing machine.

Speaking about the advantages of an overhead sink in the house, there are several main "pros", with which it is necessary to become more detailed.

Space saving

The use of such plumbing is ergonomic, becausewith an overhead sink on a hanging shelf above the stylalka, you also save space. This person is valuable in small apartments, where the bathroom does not differ in spaciousness. So, a place that used to be occupied by a cumbersome pedestal with a washbasin can be used for other purposes. For example, to place there a heated towel rail.


As a support will serve as a table top, which certainly will not be superfluous in the bathroom. This is a good addition, to which you can put the necessary tools and always keep them at hand.

Installation and installation

To install a bathroom sinkanywhere, but it's easy to do. It does not matter whether it's a corner, a ledge or a niche, the only prerequisite is the presence of a countertop or any other reliable stand under the plumbing.

Connect the overhead bowl in almost the same way asand ordinary. Through the hole made in the tabletop, drain hoses are used. Often the installation is carried out by means of a hidden installation of a drainage system in the wall. This is a new technology that is in demand, thanks to which the shell looks more effective.

In addition to this advantage, read the installation diagram for the invoice bowl and make sure that it is really simple.

How does the installation process look like?

The scheme for installing a consignment shell in some measureIt is similar to the installation of a conventional kitchen sink. The only nuance is the insert in the countertop, but this feature does not apply to flaws. Doing a slot for the siphon in the countertop, be sure to observe the accuracy. So, the hole for the siphon on the surface of the curbstone or countertop must exactly match the size of the drain port, so that the part can smoothly pass through it. To cut a large hole is not necessary, so that the branch pipe does not fall out. A flask with a siphon is put on below.

Bathroom sink overhead on the countertop

How to install the mixer

Plumbers recommend one of the following three methods when installing the mixer:

  1. There are overhead sinks for the bathroom, in whichthere is a connector for the mixer, that's where it is mounted. It should be noted that in this case the hole in the mixer is made a little larger than the diameter of the nozzle.
  2. If there is no opening in the sink, you can cut the mixer into the curb or countertop.
  3. Another option is the wall. You can install a mixer by analogy with a bathroom faucet, hiding all unnecessary.

To attach the mixer, you can buy a special siphon, equipped with a clamping nut, although it is quite possible to do without such an addition.

In principle, with the basics of installing the mixer andThe features of mounting an invoice bowl-sink in the bathroom are familiar to you. As you can see, the installation scheme for classical shells is practically the same.


To achieve high-quality sealing of such adesigns are much simpler. This helps to increase the service life, reduce the risk of leakage of the system, and therefore, getting rid of possible problems with the formation of fungi and mold, so fond of dampness.


A mention of an attractiveappearance of false sinks. They look unusual, and some even creative. It brings a note of individuality to the interior of the room and allows you to beat the style. Thanks to a lot of assortment to pick a bowl is not a problem. And the most common overhead washbasin becomes a bright accent point in the composition of the bathroom.

Sink bill on the countertop in the bathroom

Some disadvantages of overhead sinks

As such, the negative qualities of this typeplumbing is not found. The only error lies behind the additional waste of installation, except for the plumbing, countertops or curbstones under the overhead sink in the bathroom, which must be made of high-quality moisture-proof material.

Details of the waybill selection

During the selection of plumbing there are somedifficulties and nuances associated with the characteristics of products. They can be positive or problematic in view of some circumstances. Therefore, when buying a sink, it is worth paying attention to their distinctive characteristics: the material used for making, and the shape of the washbasins. Differences and combinations of these two parameters give a considerable number of models of plumbing for a reasonable choice.

In the salon or shop you can browse through the catalogfurniture and sanitary ware for the bathroom with colorful photos and full characteristics of the goods. This is an undeniable advantage of buying in a specialized place - the ability to view and study the details and characteristics of the sink bill on the countertop for the bathroom.

The curbstone under the consignment sink in the bathroom

It's good that the store will help you make a choice and will prompt you what material is best for today.

Attention: what material is best from the shell

Raw material and its quality determine the strength,durability and reliability of the product. A separate emphasis is placed on the appearance of the shell, as it is supposed to visually view not only the inner surface of the bowl, but also the outer one. Therefore, the quality level of faience or ceramics, most often used in production, is important. The advantages of overhead sinks for a bathroom include low price and familiar care.

Lovers of antiquity prefer copper andbrass bowls, truly considered exotic. It is worthwhile to take care of such products more carefully, and the process is different. Since it is required to regularly use special means to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the shells.

Glass washbasins are no less popular. They look stylish, are inexpensive and do not require special care.

Sink in the bathroom overhead bowl

There are overhead bowls made of natural and artificial stone. But in order to install a natural sink, you need to install a special countertop that can withstand the weight of sanitary ware.

Some buyers like the plumbing of an acrylic substitute - it's cheap and it's easy to take care of such a shell.

Features of furniture under a waybill

Installation of a consignment sink in the bathroomin itself a solid dignity. Because it requires the additional support, then you can choose and the cabinet, and the countertop, and the shelf. Specially designed furniture allows you to hide all the "insides" of plumbing: couplings, pipes, hoses.

Undoubtedly, the property of moisture resistance for furniture is a big plus, because it is supposed to use in a room with an increased formation of steam and accumulation of moisture.

Optimal variant of the countertop under the sink -surface made of natural marble or artificial stone. Special furniture or countertop, as a rule, you can buy a kit in the store plumbing. Most often it is a surface made to standard dimensions.

The cabinets in the bathroom are equipped with special drawers or shelves, where you can store everything you need. So you can free up part of the room, thus saving a useful space.

Sink bowl waybill on the countertop in the bathroom

Price as an undeniable advantage of overhead shells

Price - another advantage, which can not be ignored. The cost of the bathroom sink for the countertop is different and depends largely on the country of origin.

The shells of domestic production are the cheapest. On the east overhead shell prices start from 3000 rubles.

Earthenware of European manufacture will cost several times more expensive, the price range - from 7000 to 41 000 rubles.

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The most expensive option - products from Indianmanufacturer, made of natural onyx, granite, basalt. For such pleasure it is necessary to give from 27 000, not to mention more solid models relating to the sanitary equipment LUXERY-class, the cost of which reaches several hundred thousand rubles.

Summing up, I want to say that the bowls-bowls of the overhead on the countertops for the bathroom deserved their inherent popularity due to their eccentricity and mass of merits.