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Pink tulip - delicate and exquisite flower

Probably, there is no second such flower, popularitywhich would reach such a size. Tulip is a beautiful plant that is cultivated in many corners of the Earth. He is referred to the family of lily. This flower has about 140 species, and this is not the limit. Thanks to breeders, new varieties are constantly brought out, which strike with their unusual data. Pink tulip is the most gentle representative of the family.

Cultivation of tulips

Tulip can not be called too capriciousplant. Grow it at home is very easy. Using different grades and shades of this plant, you can create incredibly beautiful flower beds and very effectively decorate the landscape. The time of flowering of the tulip is very short, but if you select the correct varieties, they will rejoice with their beauty from the beginning of April to the end of June.

Pink tulip
So that the flowers of the plant always remain large,Bulbs must be digged every year. Do this at the moment when flowering ends, and the foliage begins to turn yellow. The bulbs are dried and stored at a temperature of 20 degrees until the end of August. Then the temperature is gradually lowered. Tulips love fertile soil and sunny areas. This flower does not require special agricultural skills. The main thing is to water in time, to hoe and harvest the weeds.

Tulip Algarve

The flower has a goblet shape and a pale pinkcoloring. Its diameter is about 6 centimeters, and the height of the plant is up to 50 centimeters. The pink tulip blooms in early May. This class is classified as traditional, classical. This is the most popular representative of the family. It is successfully used for making bouquets and decorating the landscape. Such varieties of pink tulips will attract attention during flowering due to their delicate and beautiful inflorescences.


Pink tulip Belfflower has a goblet flower with deep fringe. The inflorescence reaches 7 centimeters in height and 5 centimeters in diameter. The growth of the plant is not more than 60 centimeters.

Varieties of pink tulips
The pink tulip blossoms from late April to earlyMay. This very beautiful plant with a delicate flower is successfully used by many gardeners. Pink tulip perfectly reproduces and has a high resistance to disease.

Tulip Kasharel

Varieties of pink tulips perfectly complementsKasharel. This flower has a bright pink color. Its goblet inflorescences with a thick fringe delight the eye from April to May. The plant reproduces perfectly and does not require complex care. It gives a good turnout. The height of the flower is 7 centimeters, and the diameter is 5 centimeters. The plant itself refers to the medium-sized and can not be more than 60 centimeters. The main difference of this variety is a beautiful needle-like fringe, reminiscent of hoarfrost.