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Stretch ceilings in the bathroom: reviews. Feasibility of use

The bathroom is one of the most important premises in your home. In any case, it is there that is invested most of all in the repair, and the cost of consumables sometimes just goes off scale.

stretch ceilings in the bathroom reviews
That's why I always want to make sure thatthe bathroom was perfect. So, very popular are stretch ceilings in the bathroom. The testimonies indicate that they are not only beautiful, but also functional enough.

Reasons for popularity

First of all, they are beautiful. Can you imagine how beautiful the ceiling is with the starry sky printed on it? This is evidenced by numerous admiring reviews. People say that from the view of such a bathroom it's just breathtaking!

In addition, they are very functional. All the stretch ceilings in the bathroom, reviews about which are mostly positive, can hide behind them not only old and dented concrete floors, but also a bunch of cables that not only spoil the view, but can be dangerous when water hits.

And further. No one will be surprised by the statement that the ceilings in the bathroom are often spoiled by splashing water and detergents. If the plaster is dirty, it will have to be applied again. But the stretch ceilings in the bathroom, the reviews we are considering will only have to be rubbed lightly with a soft cloth with a mild detergent.

stretch ceilings in the bathroom prices
Protection against flooding

It is unlikely that many people have a good relationship withtheir neighbors from above. Many of them simply do not know. They remember only when they fill them. Just the same stretch ceilings can save you from many troubles, since a square meter of film can withstand a volume of water weighing up to a centner!

Enthusiastic people say that after flooding, you can simply drain the water (using the services of installers) and dry the gap with a construction hair dryer.

Stealth designers

It's no secret that the bathroom inthe average house rarely differs in impressive sizes. As a rule, its area is barely enough to accommodate a bath and a boiler for heating water.

Strangely enough, but the situation can improvestretch ceilings in the bathroom. Reviews say that after installing glossy or even mirror models, the space of the room greatly expands. Of course, this is just a visual impression, but being in the bathroom becomes much more pleasant.

installation of stretch ceilings in the bathroom
Negative moments

Of course, there are sometimes not so pleasantopinions about these kinds of ceilings. In particular, some believe that their strength is too small. However, there is nothing surprising: installation of stretch ceilings in the bathroom does not provide for their manufacture from some special materials. Used PVC film adequately copes with moderate physical loads. If its integrity is not violated, then nothing terrible will not threaten such a ceiling.


So what can you say as a result? We think that stretch ceilings in the bathroom, the prices for which are within the limits of 12-15 thousand, almost every family can afford. The benefit from them is such that with interest covers all costs. In any case, they are much more hygienic and durable than the traditionally used plaster.