/ Do you want plastic windows? Installing your own hands is simple

Do you want plastic windows? Installing your own hands is simple

Installing plastic windows in the house is likerule, care of professionals. However, the installation can be done independently. Usually such a decision is made by people who want to save money. There are those who just love to work with their hands. In any case, before installing, it is not superfluous to learn some tips and nuances.

Preparatory stage

plastic windows self-installing
Have you decided to change the plastic windows?Self-installation involves mandatory preparatory work. It will be necessary to dismantle the old design and determine what size the future window will be. To remove the old one will need a crowbar-nail, a good screwdriver, pliers, chisel, hammer and puncher. Dismantling begins with the fact that you remove the window sashes with a crowbar. And the outer metallic ebb is then removed using pliers.

Do you want to see plastic windows in your house?Self-installation is not possible until you dismantle the old window sill and frame. The windows have already been removed, now use a hammer and chisel, or a puncher. With their help to remove the frame without slopes easier.

Mount plastic windows

installation of plastic windows in the house
Self-installation begins withscrewing to the frame of the anchors, that is, special plates (one is on top, and two - on the sides). They should go out on the inside. At the bottom of the opening, you must place the installation profile. It is important to understand that all parts are attached to the sides of the opening by drilling holes in the wall. A plastic dowel is inserted into it to screw in the screw. The window frame is placed on the installation profile, then fixed using wooden wedges. The distance from the frame to the walls should be the same. It is placed strictly vertically. After this critical stage is completed, in the opening you need to fix plastic windows with anchors. The installation by own hands is completed by half. Further, the leaflets are hung on pins fixed in the frame. There are special screws for adjustment.

The window sill should also be installed carefully andweighted. The board should be tried on, podpilit its edges, put on them stubs (it is better to put them on the glue). Cut and file it with a jigsaw. The board should be inserted, secured with wedges from below, then it is important to knock them to tighten it.

After a thorough check in

installation of plastic window instruction manual
All characteristics of the newly installed window should be filled with mounting foam all the crevices between the frame and the opening. Please note that this compound is doubled, do not overdo it.

Helpful Tips

Have you decided to mount the plastic windows?Self-installation involves compliance with security measures. Especially it concerns the dismantling of the old structure. Do not drop the details down, and keep to yourself not to fall out. If you are not sure of your agility and attentiveness, fence the space below the window with a red lace. Otherwise the fallen tool can injure passers-by.

For a person who understands and knows how to work with his hands, it is not difficult to install a plastic window. The instruction presented here is a vivid confirmation of this.