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Bard liquid: methods of preparation and application

Today, few of the experienced truck farmers andgardeners do not know such a disease as phytophthora. Every year the number of pathogens increases, while new, still unknown forms appear. In view of the frequent use of one type of chemicals against them, chemists invent new substances each year, with improved formulas and a broader spectrum of action.

bard liquid
A fairly well-known and often used meansis a bardic fluid. This substance is capable of destroying not only bacteria, but also fungi. Widely used this means in the cultivation of grapes. It is used mainly to combat diseases such as mildew, anthracnose, black rot, melanosis, etc.

The active substance that contains bard liquid is copper compounds. They are slightly soluble in water, which contributes to long-term plant protection.

The chemical composition of the bardic mixture issome features. It is nothing but a mixture of copper sulfate and lime. The bard liquid, the preparation of which is a simple process, is an effective means of combating plant diseases.

bard liquid preparation
To properly prepare a bard liquid,the following proportions must be observed. So, if you take copper sulfate and lime in a ratio of 2: 1, you get different compounds of copper salts. When the ratio is 1: 1, the compounds CaSO4 and CuSO4 are formed. When there is a lack of liquid in the lime, the copper sulfate remains free, and as a consequence, the mixture has an acidic medium. The use of such a solution will lead to the occurrence of chemical burns in plants.

Therefore, the optimum ratio of copper sulfateand lime is 4: 3. In the process of preparation, it is necessary to use 2 separate containers for diluting the components of the mixture. Constantly stirring, slowly, a thin trickle pour the prepared solution of copper sulfate into the lime. In order for the bard liquid not to react with the metal, it is not recommended to prepare it in an iron container.

After the preparation of the solution, it is used immediately. Before this, it is necessary to check the reaction of the solution with special test indicators. It should be either neutral or slightly alkaline. Otherwise, it is possible to kill the plant, treating it with an acid solution, which will lead to the occurrence of chemical burns.

bardic fluid application

Prepared bard liquid, applicationwhich helps to combat plant diseases, also has its drawbacks. Frequent use of this product may depress the plant. So, for example, in the grapes there is a decrease in the growth rate of shoots. The way out of this situation is the use of organic fungicides. Their composition excludes the presence of copper.

From the above, it follows that the bardicliquid is an indispensable tool for treating plants. The process of its preparation is very simple and does not take much time. Relatively low cost of this fluid takes it to one of the first places in the fight against plant diseases.