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How to grow grapes: spring care

The homeland of grapes is considered to be the regions of Central and Minor Asia. It is there that the vine of this sunny berry is caressed by nature and gives a wonderful harvest of fruits.

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However, the correct, and most importantly, competent care for the vineyard allows you to achieve a high yield and in the mid-range.

Care for the vine is year-roundcharacter. Each season brings its own work stock. Careful owner, growing grapes, leaving in spring for his pet follows all the rules of gardening.

Vine processing

First of all, you should check the state of the tapestry. After the winter period, they may need a small repair. Then you can go to the opening of the vine bushes. But this kind of work should not be rushed. The beginning of spring is a very volatile period. There is a possibility of lowering the temperature, as well as the onset of frosts. Therefore, the opening of bushes is best done from the end of March to the end of April. However, too, too, do not need to delay, as the delay in opening can lead to decay of the vine and the banning of the eyes. Open the vine, previously freed from the ground and straw, collected in bundles and tied in a vertical or inclined position, leaving to dry for a few days.

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Treated in this way, grapes, spring carewill continue with the first spraying, which is recommended for "sleeping" kidneys. Iron sulphate is used for this purpose, more precisely, its aqueous solution (in the calculation of 300 g of crystals per 10 liters of water).

Do not forget that the wintering vineit is necessary to get rid of unnecessary, weak and frozen shoots. Carrying out spring care for the grapes, pruning the vines is easy (not to be confused with the basic pruning). It is made before spraying. These measures will help in the fight against pests and diseases of grapes. The vine needs to be moved to the lower levels of the tapestry after 2-3 days, having made the so-called "dry" garter.

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Working with soil

At the base of the bush leave a groove of 15up to 17 cm to increase the gap between the future bunch and the ground. This will also help prevent the appearance of superficial roots and will help to retain the necessary moisture. Then the ground between the rows is leveled and digged, if this work was not carried out in the autumn. However, the spring plowing of the earth is carried out without rotation of the formation.

Top dressing in the spring

A significant role in the development of roots and vines playfertilizers for grapes. On the basis of research, it can be concluded that the bush of grapes each year receives from the ground a sufficient amount of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements. Given the climatic conditions and soil composition in the growing areas of the grapes, it is necessary to carry out top dressing with complex fertilizers - mineral and organic fertilizers. When observing a precise balance, both depletion and "overfeeding" of the soil is not allowed. Having received a sufficient amount of fertilizers, an excellent grapes will grow. Care in the spring will help maintain its fertility for a long time. He will delight you with his bunches. Remember that grapes, spring care for which is very important, will be able to bear fruit only with the quality cultivation of the land.