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Art Deco in the interior: the main trends

Each of us strives to equip his apartmentmost attractive and comfortable. Today, the Art Deco style is very popular. In the interior, its distinctive features are minimalism and luxury. Also, vintage trends are combined with modern trends. Let's consider in more detail the main features of the art-deco embodiment in the interior.

Art deco in the interior
general information

Style originated in Paris in the early twentieth century.After the end of the First World War, it gained special popularity among representatives of the so-called "elite". Classical forms and asymmetric elements, originality and comfort - that's what carries art deco. The style in the interior is designed to create a modern, fashionable and maximally comfortable space.


The room can be decorated both in dark and inLight shades (blue, pink, purple, burgundy). It is admissible to mix golden and silvery colors. These shades must be present in the interior of art deco (in detail, decoration, textiles, etc.).

Art deco in the interior
Decoration of walls and floor

All sorts of geometric lines are welcome,refined patterns and stripes. Walls, as a rule, cover with expensive wallpaper, imitating fabric or lace. Fabric panels look great. As a floor covering it is best to use glossy tiles of black or white color, as well as parquet. In residential premises, you can lay a colored or solid carpet. Also on the floor looks great imitation animal skins.


Art Deco style in the interior

Art Deco in the interior involves the use ofof expensive and beautiful materials. Very impressive looks mahogany furniture (mahogany, evenga, Australian eucalyptus, etc.) It can have simple shapes, and can be covered with decorative whimsical carvings. In the design of the room perfectly fit a large wall mirror in the original frame of a golden or silver hue.


The abundance of textile elements is anotherfeature of the embodiment of art deco in the interior (photos are presented on this page). Luxury fabrics are used for decorating windows, furniture covers, lampshades. Preference should be given to brocade, silk, satin and velvet. Ideal for fabrics embroidered with silvery or golden threads.

Decor and Lighting

Art deco in the interior photo
A special role in the interior, decorated in styleart deco, is assigned to the glass. Semi-transparent coffee tables, shelves, figurines, mirrors, vases - all these are inalienable attributes of it. The walls can be decorated with canvases depicting pictures of nature and framed in heavy, gilded frames. Particular attention should be given to lighting. Art Deco in the interior welcomes the use of multi-level ceilings. The central place, as a rule, is occupied by a luxurious chandelier made of crystal. The tables and tables can be decorated with bronze table lamps with shades of painted cloth. When considering the lighting system, care should be taken to ensure that the light in the room is diffused. This will create a special mysterious atmosphere. In the interior perfectly fit any original and unusual items.