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Sinks with a curbstone in the bathroom: photo options

Choosing furniture in the bathroom - the process is difficult andexhausting. Selecting products, follow the rules and requirements that are recommended by experts. The furniture should be not only multi-functional, but also attractive, small-sized, in accordance with the chosen style of the interior. First determine the place of installation of the sink with a cabinet for the bathroom. This is an important detail of the interior, without which it is difficult to do.

Sink with cabinet in the bathroom: types of products

Options thumbs with a sink is more than enough. They differ in functionality, forms, constructional and color solutions:

  1. Sink on the cabinet with a plinth. A simple, easy-to-install device with no extra fixings. Prolonged contact with water spoils the base. So pay attention to the materials used.
  2. Sink with legs. Convenient in operation sanitary design. Props make it easy to move the product. In case of a flood, the cabinet will not get wet, due to the fact that it is above the floor level.
  3. Corner washbasin with a bedside table is a solution for a small bathroom, as its compact size saves usable space. Corner version of the product can be floor and suspended.
  4. Hanging dresser with sink for the bathroom. Robust design with a reinforced body, saves space. The walls must be strong and reliable. Otherwise, the surface will not sustain the weight of the structure and collapse.
sink in the bathroom

First of all, the cabinet with sink should be practical and attractive to look at.

Which sink to choose

Of great importance is the material used for the production of the sink bowl. Popular products made of glass. Unlike others, this material has the following advantages:

  • durability and strength;
  • the assortment of glass sinks is represented by a variety of shapes, sizes and colors;
  • it is easy to look after such sink;
  • the design has a small weight;
  • heat resistant material, resistant to chemicals;
  • fits well into the interior.

In addition to glass, for the manufacture of sinks use granite, stone, earthenware.

How to choose a washbasin with a cabinet

A wide range of sanitary furniture on the market, weights the choice of a suitable design during the purchase process.

vanity cabinet in the bathroom

To find a reliable bathroom sink, follow certain criteria:

  1. Quality material. The life of the product depends on the quality of fasteners and accessories. Thumbnails of questionable production are not distinguished by reliability.
  2. The size and shape of the design. To the interior of the bathroom looked harmonious, before buying it is better to make a preliminary plan for the arrangement of furniture. This will help determine the appropriate size and shape of the cabinet with washbasin.
  3. Aesthetic look. The design should be attractive in appearance, emphasize the style of the room, harmoniously complement the interior.
  4. Multifunctional. Convenience and practicality - these are the main qualities that should be paid attention to. The curbstone is needed not only to hide communications, various shelves, drawers and casements. She also allows you to place inside the items of personal hygiene, household chemicals and other necessary things, thereby significantly increasing the usable space.
  5. Comfortableness Since the washbasin with the cabinet is an often used part of the interior, it should be comfortable for all households without exception.
  6. Moisture resistance. Due to constant contact with water, construction details often rust and become unsuitable. You can avoid such negative consequences if you pay attention to the material from which the product and components are made. It should not be subjected to corrosion.

The advantages of thumbs

The main advantage of a bathroom cabinet is not only a significant saving in usable space, but also:

  • small probability of flooding thumbs;
  • the ability to select the method of attachment;
  • modern look;
  • the product visually enlarges the room, especially in a small bathroom;
  • open access to the space under the cabinet;
  • multifunctionality.
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Having considered all the advantages, we can conclude that this is an ideal option for any bathroom.

Main dimensions of thumbs with a sink

It depends on the size of the cabinet whether it fits inallotted free space, as will hide communication pipes and mixer. The width of the product ranges from 50 to 90 centimeters and above. Bedside tables in the bathroom are often made to order, so the width largely depends on the preferences and desires of the client.

Vanity unit in the bathroom

The height of the vanity unit is measured from the sinkto the bottom slat on the wall. The calculation takes into account the method of attachment, and this affects the overall dimensions. The depth of the sink corresponds to the distance from the wall to the edge of the product, and the cut-out corresponds to the shape of the sink, so the pedestal is fitted to the sanitary device purchased. Do not forget that there will be communication pipes in the cabinet, therefore the internal space should be spacious.

What materials are made of

Curbstones under the sink in the bathroom are made from such raw materials as:

  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • steel;
  • glass;
  • wood chipboard;
  • fibreboard.
cabinets under the sink in the bathroom

Do not forget that the bathroom is peculiarhigh humidity and temperature drops. In such an aggressive environment, the material is deformed and loses its original appearance. Therefore, select products from the raw materials that are most suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Where to put the cabinet with washbasin

Choosing and buying sink with a cabinet for the bathroom -this is only half the battle. Still need to correctly determine the installation location of this design. It will be reasonable to put the product in the place of the old washstand, but on condition that no redevelopment was carried out during the repair. If there was a change in the configuration of the room, then before conducting the water pipes and sewage system, you need to determine where the sink will be installed.

vanity cabinet

When conducting communications, all pipes will be better.merge into one branch, ensuring the efficient functioning of the sewage system and coherence of the water supply system within the apartment. This is what directly depends on the owner of the dwelling. After all, illiterate organization of sewage in a dwelling can lead to problems with water supply and drainage in the whole apartment building.

Installing sinks with sink

When the drain and water pipes are held,Begin installing the sink with a bathroom cabinet. To install a suspended structure with high quality, it is worth paying special attention to the fixtures. Their choice depends on the material from which the product is made. Heavy elements are fixed with metal brackets, which provides a rigid mount and the ability of the structure to withstand its mass. In this way they fix sinks from granite and glass.

pedestal washbasin

Cupboard with sink looks attractive andIt has a large number of functions. This design in the bathroom will be a unique work of art and a bright element of the atmosphere. Proper and reliable installation will significantly increase the service life. With proper work done, the product will serve you for many years and will delight you with a magnificent view.