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Water heaters flowing "Electrolux": instructions and references

With the onset of summer, all urban residentsface a massive shutdown of hot water. This can not please, because it brings a lot of inconvenience. In order to survive interruptions with the supply of water and do not count the days when the next prevention is over, it is better to consider in the store water heaters flowing "Electrolux".

This equipment has the advantage ifcompare with storage devices. First of all, such units have less impressive dimensions, are cheaper, and also quite easy to install. Among other things, the system does not store water, but heats it up with direct use. This indicates that the volume of the resource is not limited by the size of the tank.

Reviews of the water heater brand Smartfix 2.0

Water heaters flowing "Electrolux" todayenjoy wide popularity among consumers. You can follow the experience of many users by buying a water heater of the above brand, which has a shower and a faucet. According to the owners of apartments and private houses, this version of the water heater has a concise design and high performance. It heats the water in a short time due to the use of powerful heating elements made of copper.

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This unit can be used forproviding only one point of water intake with water. The flowing water heater "Electrolux Smartfix" has a hydraulic control system, which, according to users, allows maintaining the temperature of the liquid depending on the mixer settings and the amount of flow. It will be very convenient to operate the device, since it is equipped with an automatic shut-off and turn-on function when closing and opening the faucet. As users emphasize, this model provides three power modes, which allows you to increase productivity and save electricity.

Feedback on the safety and usability of the Smartfix 2.0 TS model

Flowing water heater"Electrolux-SmartFix", as already mentioned above, is characterized by high performance. This company achieved by installing a powerful heating element inside. With it, you can get two liters of hot water in one minute. Do not worry about the safety of operation, since the device has a pressure sensor, which is very popular with consumers. In addition, the water heater is equipped with a special thermostat, which protects the equipment from overheating. The model differs in that it has a shower and a faucet. It can be connected to a stationary mixer in a short time and is easy enough, it will be an excellent solution for the time of water shutdown.

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Reviews of water heaters Smartfix 2.0 (5,5 kW)

If you decide to purchase a water heaterflowing "Electrolux", reviews about which will help you decide on the choice, then you can choose the above model. It has a higher power. Its cost is 3000 rubles, according to users, the price is acceptable. The capacity of the equipment of this model is larger and amounts to 3 liters of hot water per minute. On sale you can find this version of the water heater, presented in three versions of the equipment.

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If the device is indicated by the letter T, this isindicates that you have equipment with a crane in front of you. The letter S indicates the presence of the shower in the kit, while the abbreviation TS indicates that the tap will be used in tandem with the shower. During operation, water is heated to a temperature of 43 degrees, which is the maximum possible index. Users who purchase not the first model of a water heater, note that this performance is very compact, since it has the following dimensions: 14 x 27 x 10 centimeters.

Instruction manual: general information

Water heaters flowing "Electrolux"long if operated under the appropriate conditions described in the manufacturer's instructions. For example, the installation of equipment is prohibited in rooms where the temperature falls below zero degrees. The use of the device is not accompanied by difficulties. Opening the tap of hot and cold water, you ensure the readiness of the water heater to work. After the cold water tap is turned on, heating can be started by pressing the button located on the front panel. If you want to increase the temperature of hot water coming from the tap, you need to reduce its consumption.

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Installation Instructions

If you liked the water heatersflowing "Electrolux" and you have purchased one of the models, it is important to make sure that all the rules for connecting to the water pipe have been met. In the network, the water pressure can vary from 0.03 to 0.6 MPa. The device must be supplied with water from a reservoir with a water level of 4 meters or higher in relation to the level of the device. If you plan to use water for heating from a well, a well or a water tower, you should additionally use a coarse filter.

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Instruction for connecting the electric power

Choosing a running electric water heaterElectrolux, you will need to connect electricity. Use this requires a three-core cable, the minimum cross-section of the wire is 3 x 2.5 mm2, it must be made of copper.It is necessary to make an electrical grounding. In order to eliminate the occurrence of air congestion and prevent the failure of equipment, the installation is best done strictly horizontally.

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User's manual

If you purchased a flow-through water heaterelectric "Electrolux", then you need to take care that absolutely all the rules of operation are observed. The user should remember that the installation of a mixer that can block water at the outlet of the appliance is prohibited. During installation, only the complete devices intended for dispensing hot water should be used. After the tap is open and the heat is turned on, wait for about 15 seconds until the temperature of the heating medium is stabilized.

Near the switches of the heating stagethere is an indicator that will show when the heating element is in working order. If you need to turn off the device, you need to use the key that is located on the front panel. The water tap should then be closed.

Security measures

Water heater flowing "Electrolux"the instruction manual of which is presented in the article, should be used exclusively for domestic purposes. This indicates that the equipment is not intended for industrial use. Do not turn the water heater on when the power cord is damaged. This also applies to other injuries. It is important to ensure that the electrical cable does not cross sharp edges and does not come into contact with hot surfaces.