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Ceramic tile for bathroom - finishing, time-tested

It is difficult to imagine a modern apartment withoutbathroom. And it is also difficult to imagine that for its finishing some other material was used, except for tiles. It so happened that the ceramic tile for the bathroom, according to many, is most suitable for its decoration. Probably, it is possible to apply and other variants of furnish and to receive not less excellent result. But if we see a bathroom, finished something else, then involuntarily there is a sense of wrongness done.

ceramic tile for bathroom
However, ceramic tiles for bathroomsrequires a fairly respectful attitude. Apply it carefully, using the features of a particular tile correctly. We must start with the fact that, according to the conditions of use, there are at least several types of tiles:



In accordance with these conditions and purposetiles and should be operated. The tile, unable to withstand the considerable humidity formed in the bathroom, is better not to spread. Ceramic tile for the bathroom, designed for walls and floors, should be different. In this case, attention should take the form of the surface of the tile (polished or rough) and wear resistance of the tile. Smooth surface - not for floor tiles, but increased resistance to mechanical influences is a must.

Another factor that influences the result is the size

ceramic tiles for bathrooms
tiles. The fact is that the visual perception of space depends on this. Ceramic tiles for the bathroom can visually increase or decrease its volume, so it is best to use small tiles for decoration. True, while the laboriousness of its computation increases somewhat, but the bathroom will be perceived to be more spacious and harmonious.

Very carefully we must approach the choice of colortiles. Its light tones contribute to a visual increase in the dimensions of the room, while the dark ones contribute to a decrease. The floor is desirable to carry a darker tile. Do not forget about the effects of color on the human body. For calming down, acquiring emotional balance, it is best to use warm or, in extreme cases, neutral colors. However, if you set yourself the task of cheering, then you will be suitable for finishing red ceramic tiles, the bathroom, the photo of which is shown below, is done just like that.

ceramic tile bathroom photo

The choice of the styling pattern is also important. Due to this, you can also visually resize the bathroom. Vertical stripes will increase the height of the room, horizontal - its width. In combination with the right choice of tile color and size, all this will visually make the room more or less. In addition, if you use a tile with a picture, for example, a sea landscape, this will create an original interior that turns an ordinary bathroom into a real masterpiece.

When properly selected and applied for finishingceramic tile, for bathroom including, the result can only cause admiration. The use of such a material as a finish will ensure a long service life of the coating in harsh conditions, without requiring during this whole period any additional costs and preventive works. The only thing that will be needed is periodic care, consisting in wiping the surface with a sponge.