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Adhesive tape: types and applications

A special kind of very strong adhesive tape,irreplaceable in the repair and construction, is an installation scotch. It is produced in different widths and lengths. In addition, the composition of the tape can include various components. Depending on their set of scotch is divided into the following types:

  • aluminum;
  • polyvinyl chloride;
  • reinforced;
  • bilateral;
  • plumbing.

Each species has special properties: waterproofing, heat conducting, reflective or electrically conductive.

scotch assembly

Application and properties of aluminum tape

Adhesive mounting tape made of aluminum foil. It is covered with an adhesive acrylic layer on the inside and a protective layer with an outer layer. Thus, it retains all the properties of aluminum and acquires strength.

double-sided adhesive tape


1) reflects ultraviolet rays;

2) has a heat resistance;

3) does not let moisture pass;

4) has a decorative appearance;

5) repels dust and other types of pollution.

Adhesive tape made of aluminum is used forcarrying out heat-insulation and repair work in the automotive and instrument-making industry, in the production of household appliances. It is simply indispensable for assembly and construction work. The layer of aluminum tape perfectly seals seams, reduces heat loss, protects metal compounds from corrosion. To use this type of tape in everyday life is very convenient for minor repairs of devices, installation and repair of ventilation.

Recommendations for use:

1) gently remove from the package, do not allow mechanical damage with a knife or scissors;

2) operate at a temperature mode of at least 10 degrees;

3) use on any smooth surface, free of dust and other contaminants.

Mounting tape, reinforced

A tape made of PVC or aluminum foil is producedreinforced with various materials included in its composition. It withstands high loads and temperatures. Aluminum scotch is reinforced with fiberglass. Due to this, it becomes more wear-resistant. The temperature range of operation with it increases to +100 0C. It is widely used for the installation of ducts.

Polyvinyl chloride scotch assembly reinforcefabric fibers and covered with a protective layer of polyethylene. Strength and low stretchability make it indispensable for the packing of heavy objects. Water repellent properties allow it to be used for plumbing work. It is also used for work with heating and cooling networks. Mounting tape, reinforced, reliably seals joints, protects against penetration of dirt and moisture. Thanks to this, he received another name - plumbing tape. This is the most wear-resistant and durable appearance.

reinforced scotch tape

Alternative to numerous types of fastening

Is it possible to fix a heavy object onsurface without perforating it? Or so that the connection was completely invisible? With the advent of double-sided scotch it became possible. It has become an excellent alternative to many mechanical methods of installation. Mounting tape, double-sided, easily replaces welding, liquid nails, screws and screws, all kinds of glue compounds. You can significantly accelerate the entire process of assembling parts and mechanisms when using a double-sided tape.

Double-sided adhesive tape has the following properties:

  • Excellent resistance of the adhesive layer to temperatures in the range from -500 to +1000 0FROM;
  • Immunity to the influence of moist environment, sunlight and solvents;

In addition, it reduces the strength of surfaces due to expansion under thermal stress, helps to reduce noise and reduce the effect of vibration.

adhesive tape assembly aluminum

Recommendations for the use of mounting adhesive tape

To ensure that the life and quality of the tape match the declared, it is necessary to work with it in a certain order:

  • remove dust and dirt from the surface;
  • if condensation has appeared on the surface, wipe it with a dry cloth;
  • if the work is carried out in a room with high humidity, care must be taken to ensure that moisture and materials do not settle on materials and planes (wipe the materials and quickly use adhesive tape);
  • The sticky side of the tape should not be touched by hands or re-glued several times, as the stickiness decreases.

Scotch assembly replaced in modernconstruction of various fastening systems, simplified the work on assembly and repair. You can easily choose the right type of tape for a particular type of work due to its variety.