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How to clear the clog in the bathroom: practical tips

Very often tenants of multi-storey and private housesare interested in how to clear the blockage in the bathroom. First you need to understand the reasons for its appearance. Most often, the litter is formed from the hair falling into the pipe, any garbage, animal hair or other things that could accidentally turn up in the sewer. Naturally, the sooner you eliminate this problem, the sooner you can return to normal life.

how to clean the blockage in the bathroom
Thinking about how to clear the blockage in the bathroom,you need to determine the means that will help you solve the problem. So, for today the most popular tool that can eliminate the cork, is the plunger. You can buy it at any hardware store. However, it must be qualitative, otherwise it will be useless.

In order to eliminate the blockage in this way,it is necessary to create a certain pressure in the pipe. To do this, tightly close any foreign holes, for example, in the sink. Now you need to get some water into the bathroom. Then the plunger covers the sink and energetic movements are made up and down. After the completion of pumping, you must sharply tear the tool away from the hole. In this case, part of the clog will come out, and the rest will go further along the pipe.

how to break a blockage in the bathroom
Since to clear the blockage in the bathroomit is not easy, you can use additional chemicals that partially or completely dissolve the contents of the cork and push it into the sewer. For example, you can use a substance such as "Mole". However, pay attention to the fact that to eliminate which blunts the agent is intended. Also note that the liquid (or powder) needs to be given some time so that it can act. For example, after pouring a plum you will not be able to use the bath from a few hours to a day.

Determined how to clear the blockage in the bathroom whenhelp chemistry, remember that later you still have to work with a plunger, so that the cork is completely gone. Periodically, you still need to use such a means to remove plaque from the walls of the pipe.

elimination of blockages in the bathroom
If you have tried all available meansand do not know how to break the blockage in the bathroom yet, then try using a metal cable. It is the most effective tool that works great where no other methods have helped. The cable must be flexible enough to allow it to pass through the bends of the pipe. However, it must simultaneously have the maximum rigidity to pierce the cork. At the end, this tool should have small metal antennae, which will help move the blockage.

It is very easy to use a cable. It is enough only to gradually move it into the drain hole and make rotational movements. Elimination of blockages in the bathroom in the most difficult cases should be done by sanitary technicians. Probably, the cork was formed in that part of the riser that is located outside the apartment. That's all the features of the fight against the clogs, which can be done with your own hands.