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Is it worthwhile to install a stretch ceiling? Advantages and disadvantages

It's not a secret for anyone that the attractionThe interior of the room depends not only on the selected furniture, but also on the design of the floor and ceiling. Uneven, cracked ceiling can spoil any, even the most modern design. And thanks to a smooth and level surface you can emphasize all the uniqueness and sophistication of the interior.

stretch ceiling pros and cons
Stretched ceiling - an excellent solution for those whowants to eliminate all the problems of the existing ceiling in a matter of minutes. But before proceeding with the installation, you should carefully study the information about what constitutes a stretch ceiling, the pros and cons of the design, as well as the nuances of installation. Knowing all the features, you can make a room fashionable. In this article you will learn about all the advantages and disadvantages that has a stretch ceiling.

Advantages and disadvantages

So, let's look at the advantages of thisstructure. Firstly, the stretch ceiling is the quickest way to repair the existing ceiling. All installation work (including preparatory work) will not take you more than one day. In addition, when carrying out repairs, you do not need to ventilate the premises - everything is done very quickly and without dust. Secondly, the stretch ceiling allows you to hide even the most impressive surface defects, including cracks. In addition, all wiring, various cables and even an alarm system can be hidden inside the structure. Having installed a stretch ceiling, you will forever forget about all the shortcomings of the usual ceiling.

stretch ceiling without heating
It is also worth noting the durability of the material (ait is the film), from which the construction is made. During the whole period of the ceiling operation, which is 20 years or more, its surface will not darken and will not lose its elasticity (of course, with proper care). Also the design has excellent thermal and sound insulation. That's it, stretch ceiling! Pros and cons of its unequal, because the pluses are much larger, which makes such designs one of the most popular on the Russian market.


The main disadvantage is the instability of the film(which is the main part of the ceiling) to mechanical damage, namely cuts. And even if the ceiling hits the cork from champagne, be prepared for the fact that you have to change the design. Also, care should be taken carefully, because with the slightest irregular motion, the film can be severely damaged - deformed and lose its strength. Another disadvantage is expensive installation. Despite the fact that the installation of the ceiling takes a few hours, this will require expensive tools (special heating element). Stretch ceiling without heating with special tools can not be established.

stretch ceiling in the nursery


So, we figured out all the subtleties thatowns the stretch ceiling, the pros and cons of this design found out. We hope that when choosing a ceiling, you must pay attention to this design. Stretched ceiling in the nursery or living room - this is an excellent solution for those who value comfort and coziness.