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Why do the leaves turn yellow at an orchid?

Once an orchid could be seen only inmountains or in dense thickets near lakes. Today, thanks to breeders who "domesticated" this plant, it became available to amateur growers. However, despite this, the orchid is a very whimsical plant, and care of it must be appropriate.

yellow leaves in orchids

The most common question that can be heard from the florists - about why the leaves turn yellow at the orchid.

Let's figure out why this happens and what to do about it.

Reason number 1

You were given a gift or you bought a new phalaenopsis oranother orchid, you brought the plant home, and after a while noticed that the leaves began to turn yellow sharply? In 95% of cases, it is a fungal infection that "hooked" to the plant in the store. With a strong infection, the leaves suffer, and the orchids turn yellow and fade very quickly.

orchid yellow leaves at the base

Without delay, start treatment, then there is a chance of saving your pet.

It should be understood that if the leaves turn yelloworchids, the disease is already deeper, and the whole plant needs to be treated. Here the removal of one leaf will not save. The problem is that the fungus needs moisture. Therefore, in order to get rid of it, the orchid needs to be dried completely - both leaflets and roots. To my great regret, you can not manage one drying, in parallel it is necessary to process a plant with antifungal preparations - fungicides. Otherwise, when you start watering the plant, the fungus will reappear.

Very often in stores for presentation, a vase with an orchid is put in a close pot. And, as a consequence, the root system does not receive air and moisture stagnates in the tank, hence the fungus.

Reason two

Leaves and orchids turn yellow and wither

The leaves of the orchid also turn yellow because the leaflets themselves do not receive useful substances from the roots. In some cases, this is a natural process, in which old leaves die.

Each kind of orchid has its own durationlife sheet. For example, dendrobium dumps them every year, and sometimes twice. Phalaenopsis folds the lower old leaf once a year. In the orchid of the kalanta, leaflets die, when the plant is preparing for the rest period or during it.

Reason number three

A common reason why the leaves turn yelloworchids, there is poor lighting. Plants with dense leaves need moist soil, but bright enough light. Perhaps in one year you will not understand that they do not have enough sun, they will behave normally, and in the second or third year they can show signs of discontent. The way out of this situation is to specify their grade when buying. They love the light of lallium and cattleya, as well as their hybrids. A great need for illumination in the varieties of Ascocene, Vand, Angrecomum and Rhinchostilists.

Reason number 4

There is another option - the most unfortunate, from which no one is immune. And the problem manifests itself unexpectedly, in the second or third year.

yellow leaves in orchids

In order that orchids quickly go into growth andflowered, sellers resort to trickery - they overfeed plants with fertilizers. When you buy, you see a beautiful, luxurious flower, perhaps it will even bloom and make you happy the next year, like a healthy orchid. Yellow leaves at the base suddenly and for a couple of days all fall off. In this case, fresh foliage will not appear soon. To bring to life such a plant, patience is not enough for all amateur gardeners.

In order to avoid problems with plants,buy them in special nurseries, there you will have at least a minimum insurance against such unpleasant surprises. If you are a beginner florist - choose such varieties of orchids that do not require complex care. And then your plants will bloom and delight you for many years.