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Bathroom sink height: standard from the floor

Installing the sink in the bathroom, you should build on not only its decorative qualities, but also the convenience of using it in the future.

What should be the height of the washbasin in the bathroom from the floor?

One of the most important parameters is considered to beheight of the sink in the bathroom. The standard is not complied with without fail, but when you install it try to take into account the convenience of using the product by all family members. It is clear that placing the washstand so that it is suitable for the growth of each member of the family is not possible, so the height of the sink in the bathroom should be approximately calculated with respect to the average growth of an adult.

Bathroom sink height

Among other things, determining what will be this indicator, you need to build on the type of the product itself.

Types of sinks for the bathroom

There are several types of washbasins for the bathroom, differing not only in height, but also in the number of people who will use the sink, as well as some other parameters.

Basically, the shell can be divided into several types:

height of the washbasin in the bathroom from the floor

  • "Tulip" is a shell resembling a forma flower standing on a graceful leg. Such washbasins are almost always made of ceramics, but there are metal or glass. In any case, the cup will take the form of petals. Establish such a shell on the foot, inside of which is all the communication, so the base of the shell serves not only as a decorative element, but also fulfills a practical function.
  • Sink, adjustable in height. Such products are very convenient, and their cost is also significant. But in some cases they are irreplaceable, because they allow you to adjust the height of the shell when it is used. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy such an expensive washbasin.
  • Suspended sink. Such shells are mainly purchased in bathrooms with a small area, since they do not take up much space and allow rational use of the space below it.

height of the washbasin in the bathroom standard

  • A sink with a curbstone. It is a shell embedded in the cube on which it is installed. The height of such a chest should be chosen at the stage of preparatory works for the repair of the bathroom, as this type of shell can not be adjusted in height.

How to calculate the most suitable height when installing a sink?

The standard height of the sink in the bathroom isTo be calculated proceeding from such indicator, as convenience of its use. Optimum is considered the height, allowing to use it practically in an upright position, only slightly bending forward, and the washbasin should be just below the level of elbows (by several centimeters).

height of the sink in the bathroom

Thus, to calculate what should be the height of the sink in the bathroom from the floor is quite simple:

  • it is necessary to measure at what distance from the floor are your elbows;
  • subtract from the received number a few cm (not more than 8);
  • from the resulting number, subtract the size of the shell itself (in height);
  • the determined index and will be the optimal variant of the shell location from the floor to its lower part.

Another way to calculate the optimal height of the installation

Of course, when a family consists of severala man who also vary greatly in height, the height of the washbasin in the bathroom is not the same for everyone. The standard in this case can be calculated as follows:

  • Make the above measurements for all family members.
  • From the numbers obtained, choose the averaged option,which will be optimal for all (should only consider adult family members and adolescents). For small children, you can use special pedestals-stands, which at the moment there is a great variety on sale.

standard height of the sink in the bathroom
But in addition to the above calculations that helpdetermine what should be the height of the sink in the bathroom, the height standard can also be calculated in another way, for example, after making these measurements, place the sink not on average, but relying on the growth of the highest member of the family, since using a sink, -This is much more convenient than when this value is underestimated.

Bathroom sink height: standard according to SNiP norms

There is also an indicator that determines, according to sanitary norms, what is the recommended height of the sink in the bathroom. The standard of SNiP states:

  • to install the plumbing should not be closer than three meters from the sewage drain;
  • it is necessary to leave a free space in front of the sink, which will be at least 70x110 cm;
  • place the sink at a distance no closer than 30 cm from the shower or bath;
  • set the sink at a height of not more than 85 cm when used by a teenager, and not more than 60 cm for children.
     height of the sink in the bathroom standard photo

But still there is no point in installing the sink inat home, given the growth of the child for understandable reasons - the children will certainly grow up, and the adult person will not be comfortable using a washbasin placed at too low a height. In addition, in bathrooms where the sink is too low, water and hygiene products will constantly be sprayed, therefore, it is difficult to maintain order.

Choosing a stand under the sink for a child

As mentioned above, there arespecial pedestals, thanks to which your child can always perform hygiene procedures on his own, and also get all the necessary items or open a water tap. In addition, you can make this stand yourself, or adjust a low stool under the sink.

But what would you not choose to use as ait should be borne in mind that it should not slide. If the floor in the bathroom is tiled, then in the place of installation it can either be covered with an anti-slip mastic designed for this purpose, or a rubberized mat for the bathroom can be glued - this will greatly reduce the risk of childhood injuries and protect the nervous system of parents who will not need to worry every time, when the child decides to wash his hands. It should be said that the first version with mastic is quite expensive and besides the coating has to be updated periodically.

height of the washbasin in the bathroom


As you can see, there is no single concept,called the height of the sink in the bathroom. The standard (the photos in the article can clearly demonstrate the variety of options) is different, depending on who lives in the apartment, and also with an eye on the sanitary regulations. Therefore, it is up to the owner to decide how to install the washbasin in the bathroom, but the main thing is that the use of the product is most convenient for all residents.