/ What is the role of orchids? What does purest beauty mean?

Why do orchids? What does purest beauty mean?

There are dreams that do not wake upI want to. They completely capture the imagination with wonderful and extravagant images, stirring feelings. It will be about what the orchids are dreaming of - flowers of southern, sophisticated, romantic passion. You probably think that such beauty can not portend the bad? Let's see what the famous interpreters say about this.

what the orchids dream about

What the orchids dream about

Exotic plants are found on the trailsthe country of Morpheus to various events. Just to see their splendor - to enjoyment, wonderful sensations, passion, ardent love. This dream is perfect for those whose imagination is captivated and fascinated by someone's charm. Understand why the orchid dreams, blooming, fragrant, pleasing eyes, you must start with yourself. That is, it is necessary to take into account the main interests of the person at the present moment. He is in love - the most romantic, charming period of tenderness is to come. If a dreamer only dreams of meeting his destiny - it will soon happen. It is possible that this passion will overwhelm this person unexpectedly and strongly, turning life around, filling thoughts with indescribable ecstasy. However, the described is true only when the flowers were fresh, not damaged, pleased and worried. The Astral gives us such situations, which in life can not happen. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the stories, not missing any details.

what the orchid blossoms about

Damaged orchid

Let's look at the situation when a personis concerned about the condition of the plant. So maybe, if you, for example, see yourself as the owner of a greenhouse or one flower standing on a windowsill. We will disassemble, to what the orchid in a pot dreams. Interpreters claim that the plot is ambiguous. So, caring for exotic plants is a sign of the dreamer's wisdom. If you were able to breed orchids in the magical land of Morpheus, it means that there are grave trials ahead of which you are already ready to pass. The subconscious suggests that one must adhere to one's principles, do not give up interests, then the difficulties will quickly be left behind, opening the way to joy and happiness. It is impossible to understand what the orchids are dreaming about, and not to mention the plots with the lost flowers. This is a very bad sign. In life, every person has mistakes. Withered orchid heralds one of them. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to avoid a failed step. You can only "lay straws", weighing every word, thinking things over. Itself in a dream to destroy, trample a flower - to give up love. Doing so will make you conscience, which you will regret later.

Tear down orchids

A dream girl that she makes a bouquet ofexotic flowers, presages marriage for love. Her husband will not only be faithful, gentle and faithful, but also a very wealthy and generous person. Every second, if not the first, beauty dreams of such a prince! To a woman such a vision also foreshadows a gentleman from among "beautiful knights on a white horse." Married state of the lady of the meaning of interpretation does not change. And how to deal with an unexpected boyfriend, a woman will have to decide on her own. A man tearing fragrant orchids - to fulfill the desire, whatever it touches. As a rule, a magnificent plant promises business success, profit, a new, promising idea and the like.

what does an orchid in a pot dream about


Flowers are usually presented for holidays and simplySo, in pleasure. Such subjects can not be ruled out by deciphering what the orchids are dreaming about. As the plot meets quite often. Choosing and buying them to give to another person means that life in the near future will not be stable. There are a lot of various events ahead, which together will make you worry, feel insecure. This is a temporary phenomenon. Adhere to the principles of conscience, and everything will end safely. To receive orchids as a gift - to joy and prosperity. In the next few days, nothing will overshadow or break the tranquil course of life. The dreamer will feel like a real lucky fellow and a darling of fate. What we all want. Good luck!