/ / The meaning of the colors of the Chameleon ring: to trust yourself or the established standards?

The meaning of the colors of the Chameleon ring: to trust yourself or the established standards?

When it comes to modern jewelry, manypeople will surely remember an amazing specimen that changes its shades. The meaning of the colors of the "Chameleon" ring does not have an exact definition. People who study the properties of this ornament, never had a single opinion, they did not come to a consensus. Each of them in his own way treated all the colors that only the ring can show us.

the meaning of the chameleon ring colors
In fact, many people believe that jewelry,which they sympathize with, can inform about the emotional state of their owner. And when the "Chameleon" ring appeared, no one left any doubt that it has certain magical properties or has increased sensitivity. Despite the fact that the definition of shades has long been given, that is, you know exactly what color corresponds to one or another emotion, some people still claim that the decoration will depend only on the carrier. That is, you must independently determine the meaning of the colors of the Chameleon ring, depending on your mental state and, accordingly, the tone that your jewelry friend shows you.
chameleon ring color value

It should be noted that most people have approximately the same "color" of their emotional state. You can see some of them in the table.

The meaning of the colors of the ring "Chameleon"
ColourValue of color
BlueFull harmony. The carrier of the ring with such a shade is completely balanced, and also it has an excellent state of health.
GreenQuite similar to blue, it reflects calmness and balance.
YellowIt is reported that excitability of the carrierdecorating is enhanced. Therefore, it should be put on the hands of those who can not control their own anger. The yellow shade will be a signal to the person that he needs to calm down.
BrownWeak aura. Typically, this color can be observed in a person who has recently experienced any trouble or freed from depression. Such a signal will tell relatives that the decorator should be supported.
The blackThis shade signals aggression. You can say that the carrier warns the ring "Chameleon". The value of the color of black shades can also report a depression approaching or already running. In addition, the apathetic condition is also the cause of this shade.
AmberThis color indicates an ambiguity. Often, when a person has to choose between two different options, the ring gives just such a shade. And it also manifests itself in people who are tired.
GrayIf you find this shade on your own or someone else's ring, then he unequivocally reports nervousness. It is not uncommon for gray to turn into black, and then you can observe all signs of aggression.
PurpleColor informs about the happiness of the bearer of the ring. Typically, this shade is most often observed in lovers or shopaholics who just made several purchases.
RedThe most controversial option. No one could accurately determine the meaning of the colors of the ring "Chameleon" of a red shade. Some report that his owner is overflowing with passion. Others indicate the anger or insecurity of the wearer's decoration.
OrangeExcitement and insolence are the main features of the inner state of a person with this shade of the ring. It can be observed before exams or during an argument.

what do the chameleon ring colors mean
Speaking of what the colors of a ring mean"Chameleon", you can not fail to note the error. Therefore, if you feel great, you have a good mood, then no shade of your jewelry should spoil it. One thing is for sure, the "Chameleon" ring is not only a pleasant purchase, but also an excellent gift.