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Exotic vision: what the orchid dreams of

Live, beautiful flowers cause positiveemotions both in reality and in the astral world. We will analyze why the orchid is dreaming - an exotic plant of southern latitudes. Today it is grown in greenhouses or on windowsills. However, this plant requires a lot of strength and attention. Is not this a dream? Perhaps, he pushes to work or, on the contrary, carries away into the world of refined pleasures? What do the interpreters say about this?

what the orchid dreams of

What the orchid flowers dream of: a common interpretation

Beauty in the country of Morpheus remains the reason forjoyful experiences. You should proceed from this if you understand what the orchid dreams about. Interpreters believe that a living, undamaged flower promises good. Saw him - there are wonderful experiences. It is a symbol of nothing but overshadowed joy, achievements, rest. Doubt or mourn for anything. Dreams of an orchid, it means that you have worked hard before, now it's time to go on a trip or lie on a sofa, swim in the ocean or collect mushrooms. The flower is a symbol of a deserved victory, which the dreamer probably did not expect, lost hope.

There will be a miracle, the dream itself will fall into your hands.This is a very good, positive vision, suggests the dream book of the XXI century. Other sources echo him. In the East they say that this precious flower promises exotic pleasures. She left us her thoughts about what the orchid, the great Wang, dreams about. She claimed that the vision speaks of a miracle that will soon burst into the life of a modest and hardworking person. He will get rich and be able to pamper yourself and loved ones with gifts. A lenty orchid portends a vain expectation of casual incomes, a loss.

what the orchid flowers are dreaming about

To take care of a plant in a dream

A different meaning is taken by the plot in which a personhad to carry out "agricultural" work. Transplant or water flowers - a warning sign. Try to think about words and deeds. The test ahead is just as hard, as unexpected. Faced with the problem, a person can become confused and frightened, this is natural. The first stormy reaction must be kept in order not to destroy the position that was achieved before. Tests are given to the strong, despair to anything.

Dreams of an orchid in a greenhouse, requiring attention,therefore, the difficulties are surmountable, nothing catastrophic, as it seems at first glance, will not happen. If such a vision of a young woman is imagined, she will have several equally worthy gentlemen. It is necessary to make emotionally difficult, depressing choice. Recommendations sleep: trust the heart and take your time. It is also desirable to boast less, otherwise all will flee, leaving you to suffer alone.

Buy or pick an orchid

To be in a flower garden among beautifulexotic plants means a change in life. Tore orchids - to fulfill the most incredible desire. A man should soon be engaged in the implementation of that fantastic project, over which he himself slightly chuckles. Winning is strong. A girl dreams of marriage with a wealthy and cheerful man. A married lady is a gift from a sweet, better living conditions, the purchase of new furniture or a trip she has been dreaming of for several years. To buy these beautiful flowers is to survive a period of financial instability. The ups will follow the falls. Try to create a personal reserve fund, so as not to be left alone, without the possibility of finding a few coins for a piece of bread.

what does a white orchid dream about

What a white orchid dreams about

This is the foreshadowing of a novel that will forever remainin your memory, and maybe in the house. Acquaintance will happen unexpectedly and turn the whole world. There is a chance that you will always remain with this person, if you can evaluate it yourself, you will not be saved. Loved will be unusual, exciting, incredibly attractive, which will make the dreamer pull himself to a high level of partner. Withered, ugly, broken orchids portend cooling of feelings, loss of interest in life, retirement, boredom and longing.