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What does the panties look like? Interpretation: interpretation, explanation

What dreams people dream of!Night visions are believed, they reflect on their meaning, they make books in which many interpretations can be found. Sometimes what seems to be quite inexplicable from the point of view of logic. For example, we dreamed of cowards. A dream interpreter can not unequivocally explain the meaning of what he saw.


For a correct interpretation of such a night visionYou need to know many subtleties: color, accessory, degree of deterioration. To determine the more accurate value of sleep, one has to figure out what pants were. Dream interpretation tells about the meaning of the color scale of this subject. Of great importance is the day of the week when a person sees it. If you saw in your sleep pants from Thursday to Friday, this poses a serious danger to your reputation - you will probably set off for entertainment.

Sonny Panties Women

It is necessary to be extremely attentive to the situations that have arisen recently. In this particular case, the importance of the panties "Family" and "Modern combined" dream books are explained equally.

Color of underwear

The red color of the object promises a new acquaintance and the development of a love story. Black cowards give out the thoughts of the master of sleep: they are indecent.

Yellow color speaks about fears, and for greencharacterized by a lack of friends and communication with them. Of course, you should not always believe what the dream book says and promises. White cowards, for example, are treated as indifference to sex. But this does not mean that in life there will be no personal changes. Black panties, old or dirty - these are problems in life, and in some cases, diseases. This intimate element corresponds to real life.

panties dream book

Sometimes the nature of the nature of the host is clearmanifest themselves in those pictures that are shown during the rest period. If in a night vision a person is only in shorts, in an environment that is not peculiar to such clothes, then he does not have confidence, he is afraid of everything. If underwear is purchased, you should consider all people in your environment. This dream can mean that there are no kind and decent people around. There are some envious people around who want evil and bad luck. Seeking help from the people's wisdom must necessarily in the case when they saw in a dream of panties. The dream book in this case will be an excellent assistant.

"The Dream of the XXI Century"

There are many kinds of dream books.Not in all interpretations do they converge, each of them must be explained in accordance with its character and individuality. For example, the purchase of panties in its own way treats every dream book. Pants new women, according to the authors of the "Dream of the XXI century", mean the hope that in relation to the guy is expected a positive turn of affairs. If a female person saw a man's panties in a dream - soon the proposal from her chosen one for a serious relationship will follow. If the girl has decided to wash underwear, it is necessary in reality to expect new changes and changes in life plans.

Male and female interpreters

Interesting interpretation offers a special"Female dream book". Panties women openwork promise the same masterfully and beautifully twisted intrigues, and gossips will not fail to take advantage of the situation to defame the one who saw in a dream clothes. One should be cautious and selective in the choice of their friends and girlfriends. But the purchase of women's panties people of the stronger sex, according to "Dream Man", has nothing to do with the intimate side of their lives.

dreamy white panties

This means success in business.A career can go up the hill. Although the men's shorts they see also foretell a business proposal. A dream about buying shorts immediately for both sexes promises a double success: the offer will be beneficial, which will strengthen the authority among business partners. Thus, if there is any doubt about how to deal with an existing proposal, you need to listen to the advice that the dream book will give.

Men's briefs certainly predict futurechanges and events. "Rommel's Dream Book", for example, is not so optimistic about the issues of underwear seen. Guys, seeing women's panties, are concerned about sexual relations with partners, nothing more. Men's panties can promise deception and ruin for both sexes. But in any case, you should not be so categorical in relation to yourself. You need to remember the smallest details of your dream. Is the underwear clean and fresh? According to "The Wanderer's Dreambook" this indicates the inner harmony of the dreamer.

Cowards are dirty, non-washed indicategossip and intrigues, which are woven behind their backs. The hosts of sleep are constantly rushing about in life. They always make other people guilty in their misfortunes, complain about life.

dreaming panties for men

Maybe it's worth changing yourself by seeing a lowerlinen? After all, it is an intimate and intimate, strictly personal. And the dream pushes at reflections, prompts on a subconscious level, what should be changed in life. It's like a sign from above. It is worth to listen to him.

What does the panties look like? Dream Interpretation: Other Interpretations

Panties can dream and with holes.Why such a dream? In life, you need to act confidently, make decisions yourself, and not listen to the opinions of different people. Do not forget about the wise saying, known to everyone since childhood: how many people in the world, there will be so many opinions. Down with doubt, you need to start living your own head, not someone else's mind. If a person does not buy and sells cowards in his dream, it does not matter whether the women's or the men's will act as a sold object, which means that he tries to forget the one who is unrequitedly in love.

dreamnote panties new

The one who talks about his dream, in which hewalked down the street in one underwear, very lonely. He is open and vulnerable. And interfering in other people's affairs, people will sooner or later see themselves putting on cowards in their dreams. In a dream, we went to a good store, choose an expensive lower part of an intimate wardrobe - hence, somewhere deep inside - the desire for luxury. This desire can be confirmed by actions in real life, and can only remain one dream. After all, the financial situation does not allow you to buy expensive things.


No matter how strange it sounds, but what a personsees in the night vision, is his real life. Sleep is his hidden thoughts and feelings. They just get a figurative picture expression in their visions. You can make a little observation. In a night vision, a person chooses cowards - then, in life, he is also looking for something (flat, work, for example). Sleep - the continuation of reality and a hint about how to act in different situations.