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Interpretation of dreams. What does the parrots dream about?

What do you think, what does the bird dream about? Parrots, for example. In the people there is a belief that birds are always in trouble. And what will the dream books say about this?

What are the parrots of the Indian dream book of Denise Lynn

what does the parrots dream about
As you know, these birds are very talkative, but in theirwords there is no conscious understanding and meaning. They just repeat for people. So what does the parrots dream about? A lot of fuss and unnecessary movements will distract you from the main thing. The insincerity of friends will make you mad. Another value is copying.

What does the parrots dream of Grishina's dream book

This interpreter claims that these birdsbring only happiness and joy. But at the same time, such dreams indicate that you live in an unreal, illusory world. And when someone tries to pull you out of it, you instantly lose a friend in this person's face. You are afraid to analyze your own life. If you dream a black bird that scares you, it may fly behind you, which means that soon you will dress in mourning. But we should not take all the interpretations without exception. Perhaps, specifically in your dream, even a black parrot means happiness.

What does the parrots dream of in Miller's dream book?

what does the birds dream of parrots
This dream book is the most famous and popular amongof people. Probably for good reason. So, the chattering bird foreshadows the evil gossip that your colleagues are spreading about you. Another interpretation of a talkative parrot is empty business. Any benefits and even minimal satisfaction from the work in the end will not be obtained. Have you seen a still, calm parrot? Hence, in reality in the family life everything will be quietly peaceful, at least, in the near future. Young girls the presence of an exotic bird in a dream promises a sudden disagreement with a partner. Think why it happens? Learn to listen and hear your beloved. Then everything will change for the better. Did they teach the parrot? In vain. Now wait for a series of troubles on a personal front. How to deal with them, will prompt a flair. The body of a dead bird symbolizes the loss of a best friend. Most likely, the reason for this will be the imprudent word spoken in anger.

Why the parrots are dreamed of in the dream book of Aesop

Why the parrots dream a lot
A parrot in a dream expresses all human stupidity!Try to give less advice, especially to people who understand the matter better than you. Otherwise you will be a fool. If you dream a big, bright, unusual parrot, it means that relations with colleagues will deteriorate. How do you behave at work? Work is, of course, stress, but you should keep yourself in hand in any situation. An inconspicuous bird warns you against excessive impulsiveness, emotionality. This is not all like.

A parrot living in a cage is a symbol of yourvictory. You like imprisoned the enemy in this very cage! Feathered creature flies freely? Wait for a dirty trick. And leave the childish naivety to yourself. Someone is asleep and sees when you finally stumble. A parrot repeats your words? Look, do you help a man? Most likely, it just turns you around your finger. And when the bird screams hysterically, such a dream promises a danger of a criminal nature.