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Dream Interpretation: what friends are dreaming about

Friends are an integral part of everyone's lifepeople, because these are the people with whom we not only can have fun and interesting time, but also to whom we ask for help in case of need. However, sometimes friends come to us in a dream. What can this promise? We propose to seek help from the most famous and full of dream books and find out what it means if a friend dreams.

what friends are dreaming about

Ancient English dream book: friends in a dream

According to the interpretation of this dream book, if youdreams of a friend who is behaving anxiously, then in real life he may be threatened by some kind of trouble. If in a dream a friend looks happy and happy, then soon expect him to hear good news. To see a dead friend, strangely enough, is considered a good sign, foreshadowing great fun, most likely related to the wedding of a person close to you.

Dream from A to Z: What is the dream of friends

If you dream that you have a new friend, thena similar dream predicts to you or someone from very close people the rapid birth of a child. Why do you dream of friends that you have not seen for a long time? Such a vision promises an impending long separation from relatives. If you dreamed of a dying friend, then in the near future you expect some happy events. The dream in which the comrade betrays you turns out to be a perfidious and hypocritical person, symbolizes that in real life your friends are loyal and reliable people who are not capable of betrayal and low deeds. Traveling in a fun company of close friends - to great family happiness. If in a dream your friend turns into a dwarf, then you will live a long time and will not have health problems. A vision in which a friend is on some unattainable exaltation, predicts the embodiment of all, even the most ambitious, plans. At the same time in achieving the desired, you do not have to sacrifice your principles.

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Intimate dream book: what a friend dreams about

This dream book states that a dreamed friendis a very kind sign that promises you a quick achievement of the goal without all sorts of obstacles and dangers. As for the relationship with a loved one, they will be harmonious and very happy.

Dream for lovers: what friends are dreaming about

If the friends in your dream are in good healthmood and look happy, then in real life, expect good news from a loved one. To leave in a dream from a friend is to break off relations with a lover because of a passing passion. Why dream of hugging a friend? This vision promises a long separation from the beloved.

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Dream Interpreter XXI centuries: friends in a dream

This dream book interprets the vision in which your friends appear as a reflection of future events. That is, everything that has accumulated can happen in real life.

Family dream: what friends dream about

If you dreamed of a healthy and happy friend, thenin real life you are waiting for good news and happy meetings. If the comrade looks depressed or distressed, a dream like this can be a harbinger of the disease. Leaving your friend in a dream can symbolize the speedy end of your relationship in real life.