/ How to cook pancakes on dry yeast? Recipe

How to cook pancakes on dry yeast? Recipe

Pancakes on dry yeast, the recipe of which is simple enough, are surprisingly thin, delicate and bubbly. They have a wonderful sour taste and are an excellent dessert.

pancakes on dry yeast recipe
Pancakes on dry yeast classic

To make pancakes on dry yeast, a recipewhich is known to most experienced housewives, you need to take dry yeast (10 g), 0.3 liters of milk, three eggs, a glass of flour, a tablespoon of butter and sugar, salt.

The flour is mixed with dry yeast and spread ina bowl of warm milk. Gradually add the rest of the ingredients: eggs, melted butter, salt and sugar. All mix with a mixer until smooth and put in heat. According to the density, the mass should resemble lean sour cream. When the test is twice as large, you can start baking pancakes in a heated frying pan. Pancakes on dry yeast, the recipe of which includes butter, is easily baked in a frying pan without lubrication and turns out to be very ruddy and tender. They need them with butter, sour cream, jam, berries, honey. If the pancakes turned thin, they can wrap the filling of cheese, meat, cottage cheese, berries, jam.

how to make pancakes by leaps and bounds
Pancakes on the yeast openwork

How to make pancakes on yeast delicate?It takes time to prepare them, but the result is worth it. It is necessary to take 0,75 l of low-fat milk, dry yeast about 10 grams, half a kilogram of flour, two eggs, three st. spoons of the plant. oil, a tablespoon of sugar, salt.

To put an opaque, for what to mix a quartera glass of warm milk, a teaspoon of sand, yeast. Let stand for about 10 minutes until yeast rises. Then warm up the rest of the milk, combine it with eggs, salt, remaining sugar, rose yeast and gently mix. Flour sift into a saucepan and gradually pour into it the prepared mixture with constant stirring. Put vegetable oil in the dough. If the dough is too thick, dilute it with warm water. Pour the pan and put it in a non-inflatable warm place. As soon as the dough is suitable, it must be mixed and put again to rise. When it rises a third time, you can start baking pancakes. To make the pancakes thin, the dough should be quite liquid.

how to make pancakes by leaps and bounds
Bake pancakes on dry yeast, the recipe of whichincludes oil, it is necessary on a heated frying pan, without lubricating. Then remove the plate and grease with butter. You should get airy openwork pancakes with a lot of holes.

Quick thin pancakes on yeast

Do not always have time to engage in a yeast test,so the housewives prefer to bake pancakes fresh. However, there is a simple recipe for yeast pancakes, the preparation of which will save time and get a delicious dish. How to make pancakes by leaps and bounds fast?

You need to take the following products: 0,7 liters of milk, a spoonful of yeast dry, 4 eggs, two glasses of flour, butter, salt and sugar on the eyes. On this recipe should turn out thin with holes pancakes.

Milk, flour, yeast, yolks, softened butter,sand sugar, salt put in a blender and beat for about 5 minutes. Beat the remaining proteins until foamy. The dough should be poured into a bowl or pot, combined with proteins and held for about 5 minutes. Shake the frying pan and bake pancakes without oil in a dry frying pan. Fold the slide on a plate and lubricate with oil.