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Cocktail "Moscow Lights": soft taste and rainbow mood

It would seem that our country is not so long ago joinedin the list of states that actively use the art of bartenders. But at the same time, quite a few Russian cocktails have already entered the international annals. And they are recognized even by international barmen organizations. Among them - a cocktail "Moscow Lights", especially fond of ladies and supporters of soft drinks.

cocktail Moscow lights

Around-cocktail legend

No single alcoholic beverage isdoes without a myth associated with it. Has its own history and cocktail "Moscow Lights". According to legend, he is associated with the exhibition "The Lights of Moscow", which opened the exposition to the 250th anniversary of the street lighting of the capital in the Olympic 1980. Four years later, the exhibition grew from the museum of the same name, and settled in the ancient mansion of the Armenian lane. And a little later the cocktail "Moscow Lights" was created - theoretically, so that the museum exhibits could be seen more vividly.

True, it remains unclear where in the Soviet times people took components for not such a simple cocktail. Nevertheless, the version of origin has taken root and is popular.

Cocktail "Moscow Lights": composition, formula, feed

The drink was famous in bars for its lightness and tenderness. Secretly it is even called alcoholic lemonade. But do not delude yourself: a certain insidiousness is inherent in him. It is easy to drink, but it drunk imperceptibly.

To prepare a cocktail "Moscow Lights"a highball glass is filled with ice. Already in this cooler are poured liqueurs - melon and pineapple. Each takes 25 ml. The mixture is filled with juices, pineapple and orange. The volume of each is 100 ml. It is recommended to stir the drink with a spoon, but it is not necessary: ​​the components mix well and independently. Traditional decoration - a lime circle and next to it an orange slice. It is drunk slowly, with pleasure, it is possible through a straw, it is possible without it.

cocktail Moscow lights composition

The terms are not to be confused!

For those who are not yet very experienced in the barmanterminology, we consider it necessary to make a warning: the cocktail "Moscow Lights" and the cocktail "The Fires of Moscow" are by no means the same thing. The second is a layered drink, the lower level of which is cognac, and the upper one - champagne. Only a very trained specialist in the reception of alcoholic beverages will be able to leave the bar on their feet after a glass with such a cocktail. So, while treating your girlfriend, do not confuse the names! And it's better not to overestimate one's strength so as not to spoil the evening.