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Cake of sweets for birthday in kindergarten

Everybody's favorite birthday party is neverdoes without a cake. But how to be, if such desserts are not allowed to enter the kindergarten? You can, of course, just get pasties or sweets. But much more effective on a children's holiday will look like a cake of sweets. To make it, you need the simplest ingredients, and the impression on the guests it will produce the best.

Cake of sweets with your own hands made of cardboard: step by step instruction

The first thing that begins to prepare a cake is the preparation of the base or frame. To do this, you need:

  • dense cardboard;
  • scotch thin;
  • Scotch tape bilateral;
  • glue gun;
  • wrapping paper (color or gift);
  • a simple pencil;
  • scissors.

The amount of cardboard and paper will depend on the size of the cake. For a product consisting of three tiers, the material will need more than one-tier dessert.

cake of sweets
Step-by-step instructions for making the cake base:

  1. On the cardboard draw 2 circles. Their diameter depends on how much the cake is planned to make and how many sweets on it to place. Usually for a product consisting of three tiers, the first of them make at least 25 centimeters in diameter.
  2. Cut out circles of cardboard.
  3. Prepare a sidewall for the first tier. Its height should correspond to the size of a candy or juice, which will be fixed on it. And along the length of the side strip should be enough to go around the whole circle.
  4. Cut out sidewall from cardboard and connect thinscotch tape with one of the circles. Then, in the same way, connect the resulting workpiece with the second circle. As a result, the bottom layer of the cake should be made of cardboard.
  5. Cut out the wrapping paper circles and side strip. Fix them on the bottom tier of the cake with an adhesive gun.
  6. Similarly, prepare two more tiers of cake. The average of them should be 19-20 cm in diameter, the upper one - 13-14 centimeters.
  7. All three tiers of the future cake should be joined together by a glue gun. As a result of work, a high blank of cardboard wrapped in gift paper should be obtained.

Basis for foam cake

Cargo tiers can be prepared not only fromcardboard, but also from foam. With this material it is very convenient to work, since the foam is sold in different thicknesses, and it can be selected just by the size of the candy. And this means that it will be enough just to draw and cut 3 circles, and the base for the cake is almost ready. Then the layers should be wrapped with gift paper and fixed with an adhesive gun.

cake of sweets with your own hands

The result is a light and strong cake. Also inside each level, you can cut a round hole, where small candies or candies hide.

Now it remains to decorate it and carry a cake of sweets to a kindergarten or school. Thanks to the foam, the product can accommodate even more treats for children.

Cake of sweets

To decorate the cake, any candy will suit, but if it is made for children, then in this case it is better to take the "Kinder" chocolate. Its shape is ideal for any basis: from foam or cardboard.

cake from sweets to kindergarten
To fix the sweets on the tiers, you canuse double-sided scotch tape or wide clerical rubber bands (they are also called banking). To prepare a three-level cake of sweets in a kindergarten, you need about 90 pieces of chocolate. Accordingly, for a product of a smaller size, sweets will be needed less.

If desired, a cake of sweets can be decorated. To do this, fit bows, ribbons and other attributes of the holiday.

Cake from Barney and juice

In addition to chocolate sweets, you can useother sweets for forming a cake, for example, 200 grams of juice bags and biscuits in individual Barney packages. For a small number of children, we can take as a basis the framework proposed above. But since there are usually at least 25 children in the kindergarten group, you need to cook more.

To make a cake of sweets with your own hands fromjuice and "Barney", you need to cut out of the cardboard 3 circles of different sizes with a hole inside. In addition to forming a cake, you need a tube with a diameter of 7-10 centimeters. You can make it from cardboard. Then the tube needs to be passed through the holes in the circles and secure it. The basis for the cake is ready. Now you can start decorating his sweets.

In the lower tier, sachets of juice are always placed. Since the cake of sweets turns out to be heavy, weighing about 5 kilograms, it should be formed on a large tray or plywood.

The second and third tier - biscuits "Barney". They are attached to the base with a double-sided tape. To decorate a cake, each of its tier can be tied with a beautiful ribbon.

"Kinder" -tot of sweets

An excellent variant of decorating a cake of sweetsChocolate and egg-surprises "Kinder". The basis for it is suitable from cardboard or polystyrene, but the height of each tier should be 2-3 cm smaller than the size of the candy. Otherwise, the chocolate eggs will roll down from their level.

children's cake from sweets
Such a cake of sweets in the garden can be made of any size. It depends on the number of children for whom food is prepared.

Original surprise cake from paper

In addition to the proposed options, there is one moreway of cooking the original cake for the kindergarten. In this case, you do not have to decorate the sweets with a three-tiered base. Treats in the cake are inside each piece of it, made from a pattern of paper. As sweets, guests can be offered chocolate sweets, candies, kinder-surprises and other delicious treats.

cake of sweets in the garden
Paper cake can consist of several tiers. It all depends on the number of children at the party. On average, for the lower tier you need to prepare 12 pieces of paper from paper, for middle and bottom - 8 and 4 pieces respectively. Thus, a children's cake made of sweets will be an excellent treat for 24 kindergarten children.

Connect pieces of different levels to each othermost conveniently with double-sided tape. As an ornament, you can use any improvised materials: ribbons, bows, rhinestones, stickers. Such a cake is sure to please children in kindergarten, because at the holiday each child will receive not just a treat, but his own personal surprise gift.