In Italy, a lot of coffee is popularcocktails on the basis of "latte" (milk). This is a classic latte coffee, latte with cinnamon, nuts, ice, ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream, etc. Sometimes it even adds alcohol, for example, a little amaretto or rum. Gourmets appreciate cocktails with syrups, designed specifically for coffee drinks, among which the most successful combination gives a syrup of black currant.

However, in the historical homeland of this wonderfuldrink it is still not so passionate as in Europe, because hot Italians prefer strong coffee. Living in more temperate latitudes, Europeans and Russians were able to really appreciate the latte - coffee with milk foam. This foam is much more magnificent and airy compared to a cappuccino. The drink is served in an ayrish glass or in a high glass (highball) with a thin tube

True coffee drinkers know that coffee latteis a layered cocktail consisting of espresso, milk and air milk foam. A properly prepared drink should consist of a third of espresso (you can use other types of strong coffee instead of americano instead) and two-thirds of the foam milk. However, quite often the drink is prepared in proportions one to one. It all depends on your taste.

Preparation of coffee lattes will requirefollowing components. It is a coffee machine, a coffee machine or an ordinary Turk, filtered water, Prezisio, Intenso, Delicato, Deka coffee, milk (optimally 3.5% fat), a whipping batter, a highball glass or ayrish glass, a creamer (a cup with a spout) and a cloth napkin .

In Italy, a drink at home is prepared from mocha and a cup of warm milk. In Europe, for this purpose, more often use espresso, which is poured hot milk, covering it with milk foam.

When cooking, you need to remember that you need to add milk to coffee, and not vice versa. Then you get a nice layered cocktail with a rich taste.

To make a drink at home, take a glassfor latte and pour into it one serving of espresso. If coffee is brewed in a Turkish, and not a coffee maker, then strain it first through a sieve to separate the thick. Milk warm with a steam outlet coffee machine, top it over coffee. Sugar can be added after mixing or even during the heating of milk. On top of the drink should be decorated with foam from milk. It is beaten in the pitcher. Pour the milk cooled to 4-5 degrees to half or slightly more. Beat until the milk warms to 60 degrees (about seconds 15). At higher temperatures, the foam will begin to decrease.

Top of the drink can be decorated with originaldrawing, however, this is not everyone's power. Today the painting of latte coffee with a wooden stick has become a real art, which is called latte art. Serve guests coffee on a napkin.

To achieve a beautiful bedding, a cocktailcan be made in this sequence. First, milk is poured onto the bottom of the glass, a layer of milk foam is laid on it. Then, in the middle of the glass, a very thin trickle of espresso is poured in. Due to the fact that the temperature of the coffee is higher than the foam, and lower than the milk, the layers do not mix with each other.

If you want to make a latte with syrup,can use such a recipe. Cook a black coffee or espresso from one tablespoon of fine coffee. In ayrish-glass pour about 20 ml of syrup (any, except citrus, from which the milk can curdle). Prepare foamed milk using a coffee machine or a beater for milk. Pour it over the syrup into a glass. Then, in a thin trickle, slowly, pour the boiled coffee over the side of the glass and put the milk foam over the resulting cocktail. Done. Have a nice cup of coffee!