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Fish in a multi-pair store

Probably, the multivark can be called a dream of everymistress, although not all are familiar with its enormous capabilities. This compact device can cook, bake, steam, stew. At the same time, it saves energy, food and time. The multivariate will cook both ordinary, traditional dishes, and many new delicacies.

For example, everyone knows about the benefits of fish. However, it is not recommended to eat fried foods, but from cooked all useful substances are boiled.

Fish in a multi-pair store for you in this case is a real find.

So, you will need:

- 500g. fish, preferably sea, (cod, pollock, mackerel)

- 2 carrots.

Tresku or some other fish should be cleaned and cut into large pieces.

Carrot clean and cut into large strips or slices.

In the capacity of the multivarker, pour 4 cups of water and insert a tray designed for steaming. In a tray put pieces of fish, and next to lay a carrot.

A fish is being prepared in a steam multivariate in the steamer mode for about half an hour. You can serve it with salad or boiled potatoes. Very fast, tasty and useful.

Very tasty seabass fish is a universal fish,it is good and fried, and stewed, and baked. We suggest you use the multivark as a steamer and master the cooking of fish in a multi-pair store.

You will need:

a pair of small seabass fishes, bay leaf, lettuce leaves, carrots, lemon, pepper, salt.

Rinse and clean fish.Remove all the insides and gills. On the sides of the fish make small incisions, pepper, salt. Carrot clean, cut into circles. In a multivark it is necessary to pour 3 glasses of water. Fish should be put in a container-steamer, which must be inserted into the multivark. To ensure that the fish in the multi-barrel for a couple did not turn out too fresh, next to it should be put a laurel leaf, sliced ​​lemon, carrots. Preparing the fish in the "Steamer" mode. When it is ready, put on a plate of lettuce leaves, put fish, lemon, carrots.

You can also prepare a red fish in the multivark, for example, salmon.

You will need:

2-3 medium potatoes; 200 grams of salmon; 3 slices of lemon; salt, cream or vegetable oil, if desired; spice.

So, we are preparing a fish in a multivariate.

This recipe is an idea, as quickly as possiblecook a delicious dinner. It is best to wrap the fish in foil - so it will turn out very juicy, and the spices do not flow together with the juice. You can say that the multivarker helps out perfectly in those cases when you want to cook something delicious, but you do not have time to stand by the plate or just do not want to.

First you need to defrost the steaks of salmon, howevercan be used and frozen, while increasing the cooking time by 10 minutes. Then you need to pour water into the tank of the multivarker according to the instructions. Potatoes must be cleaned and cut into four parts. Then add salt and add dried green onions, black pepper, dried dill, garlic and other spices to taste.

Next, you should mix potatoes, and fishwipe with spices and put on top slices of lemon. Salmon fillets can be wrapped in foil, if desired. You need to select the "Steamer" mode, set the time to 25-30 minutes. Readiness is determined by the potato, when it becomes soft, then the fish in the multivarquet for a couple will be ready.

When served on the table, potatoes can be sprinkled with butter or vegetable oil.

Also, just a flounder with a potato is cooked.

You will need: one flounder, one onion, 4 potatoes, lemon, pepper, salt.

In the upper capacity of the multivark, you need to put the foil, the edges of which have to be bent so that the juice from the fish remains on the foil.

Potatoes should be cleaned, cut into circles and put on foil.

Flounder should be washed, brushed, cut off the head and put on potatoes.

Flounder a little sprinkle with lemon juice.

Cut the onions into half rings and put them on the fish.

On top you can put a slice of lemon.

Turn on the "Steamer" mode for 14 minutes.