/ How to make a cocktail at home and surprise guests?

How to make a cocktail at home and surprise guests?

how to make a cocktail at home
Mistresses on the eve of holidays dream to surprisetheir guests with something very unusual, for example, an original drink. But on the shelves of shops everything is so impersonal and monotonous. But how to make a cocktail at home? Not so difficult. For this, it is not necessary to go to the bartender's courses and even get a shaker. Just need to read the recipe and buy all the necessary ingredients. By the way, we offer you several options for drinks and tips on what cocktails to cook at home.

Cocktail "Elizabeth Taylor"

- 60 grams of whiskey;

- 10 grams of freshly squeezed lemon juice;

- 15 grams of ginger syrup;

- 60 grams of ginger beer.

Pour the first three ingredients into a tall glass, add ice cubes, ginger

to cook a cocktail at home
Beer and decorate with a branch of rosemary.

Cocktail "Track 42"

- 1 egg white;

- 5-8 leaves of basil;

- 15 grams of freshly squeezed lemon juice;

- 50 grams of vodka;

- 30 grams of apple juice with pulp;

- 15 grams of simple sugar syrup.

Place in the blender egg white, basil andlemon juice, whisk. Add all the other ingredients and ice to the container, shake vigorously, pour into a chilled cocktail glass and decorate with basil leaves.

Do you see how to make a cocktail at home? Simple and even interesting. Then continue to consider the recipes.

Cucumber cocktail (refreshing)

- 1 cucumber, sliced ​​thin slices;

- 1 sprig of parsley;

- 30 grams of gin;

- 15 grams of lemon or lime juice;

- 15 grams of fresh orange juice;

- 15 grams of sugar syrup;

- 15 grams of absinthe.

Whisk in a blender one slice of cucumber and a sprig of parsley. Add everything else, shake well, strain and pour into a martini or cocktail glass.

Cocktail "Southern"

- 50 grams of tequila;

- 50 grams of lemon juice;

- 15 grams of cane syrup;

- 15 grams of ground red pepper;

- a pinch of salt.

Pour the red pepper and salt into the tequila. Leave to soak for about 20 minutes to 2 hours, then strain. Mix tequila with the rest of the ingredients and add ice.

How to make a cocktail at home so that all guests are satisfied? We read further.

Cocktail "Time to dream"

- 70 grams of whiskey;

- 1 pear, cut into 8 slices;

- 50 grams of honey syrup;

- 50 grams of lemon juice;

- a pinch of salt;

- 3 leaves of mint.

children's cocktails at home
In a mixing glass, place a slice of pear,then gently and quickly add the rest of the ingredients, shake well, and then pour into glasses with ice, decorate with a mint leaf and a pear slice.

But on many holidays, except for adults, there are alsochildren. It is not necessary to deprive them, you can after all prepare and children's cocktails at home. Ingredients for them are the simplest and tasty: milk and ice cream, fruits and berries, all kinds of syrups and fruit juices. All these products can be combined as you like, interchangeably. The main thing is to whip up and decorate nicely: after all, children like flexible striped tubes and fun umbrellas in a glass. Now you know how to make a cocktail at home for your grown-up and small friends, which means your party will always be original and amazing.