Sweet bread

In the bread maker you can cook not only the usualproducts from the dough, but also quite original. For example, sweet bread with apple, strawberry or lemon jam, chocolate, nuts, other fillings to taste. For this purpose, a separate function of cooking bread with additives from fruit is provided. Products in the bread maker should be added in the order indicated in the instructions.

Such bread can not be called sweet in the usualsense of the word. Its sweetness is rather moderate and it can be "regulated" according to one's own taste. If the bread is without a filling, then it can even be used for making sandwiches, for example, with tuna. If you add a little more sugar and fruits, you get a wonderful treat, which children love so much.

Almond sweet bread in the bread maker

In the baking container you need to alternately lay out100 grams of almonds (crushed and toasted), a half kilo of wheat flour, a small spoonful of salt and as much dry yeast, two large spoons of olive oil, 70-80 grams of sugar (preferably brown), two small spoons of cinnamon ground, crushed zest of two oranges and about 350 milliliters of orange juice (can be mixed with water). Flour is poured in the last turn. On the timer you need to set the baking mode. Bread is obtained with a delicate aroma of almonds and orange. Especially he will like children.

Portuguese sweet bread

In the bread bin, put the following products:slightly more than a glass of milk (240 ml), beaten egg, two large spoons of margarine, 80 g of sugar, 3 cups of flour, a spoonful of salt, 10 g of dry yeast. Set the baking mode "Baking".

Sweet bread with jam

Place in the oven about 300 milliliters of warmmilk and a little warm mineral water (about 50 milliliters), two large spoons of sugar, half a small spoonful of salt, one and a half teaspoons of high-speed yeast, seeds of a food poppy (gram 20). Poppy is added at the very end of the batch. Proofing takes about an hour and a half.

The finished dough is divided into four parts.Each rolls into a rectangle, which is smeared with jam and rolls down a roll. The resulting four rolls are placed in the bread maker (two on the bottom, two on top), aged for another half an hour for proofing. Bread is baked in the "Bake" mode for about an hour.

Sweet bread with figs

Put in a bucket of 100-150 ml of water, as muchapple juice with pulp, 470-500g of wheat flour, 20g of sugar and a large pinch of salt, 5g of dry yeast. After the signal, add fresh sliced ​​figs (gram 50) and crushed pistachios (one and a half spoonfuls).

Sweet bread with apricots and chocolate

First put in a breadmaker 180-250ml milk,470-500 g of flour, 50 g of butter, 60-80 g of cocoa powder, 30 g of sugar and 5 g of salt, a teaspoon of yeast (dry). 100-150 grams of dried apricots add after the signal.

Bread from "Amaretto"

In a bucket of stoves, pour 150-220 ml of milk and 50-80ml of liqueur "Amaretto", add butter (30-40g), 440-500g of flour, 15g of sugar, on a spoon of salt and dry yeast. After the signal, fill finely chopped almonds (50-75 g).

Fruit bread for the bread maker

Mix 50 g of candied cherries, lemoncandied fruits, chopped almonds and 100 grams of sultana. In the bread maker put the products: 170-240 ml of milk, 20 ml of brown rum, 40-60 g of sweet cream oil, one egg, about 500 g of wheat flour, a small spoon of salt, 30-40 grams of sugar, a teaspoon of yeast powder. After the signal, add fruit.

Sweet bread with raisins from a minimum of products

In the stove place one egg, 60 g of sour cream, 115 gramswater, 50 g of mayonnaise, about 100 g of butter and slightly more than 500 g of flour, six large spoons of sugar, the floor of a small spoonful of salt and two teaspoons of yeast. After the signal, report 200 g of raisins soaked in warm water. Bake on the main (first) program. It turns out pretty quickly and delicious! Enjoy your appetite!