/ What are the Harms and Benefits of Red Wine?

What are the harms and benefits of red wine

Red wine is an alcoholic drink that is produced by fermentation from red grapes.

It was known to mankind even in the pre-Biblicaltime. Wine was drunk all: and the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, and the kings of Israel, and the Greek philosophers. Not infrequently mention it in the Bible itself. It is for sure not known who was the first to invent this drink from grapes. It is only known that a grape press was discovered in Damascus, which is over 8000 years old!

In the world there are a lot of varieties and types of red wine. And all these species and varieties have fans. In some countries, red wine is drunk twice a day: for lunch and dinner.

The use of red wine for health. Is it there?

It turns out, yes.The red wine contains antioxidants. This means that it can improve our health, prevent aging, lower cholesterol. What are the specific benefits that amateurs get to skip a glass of wine at dinner? Here is a list that will reveal the topic of the benefits of red dry wine.

Promotes weight loss

At the Oregon Agricultural College,research and found that a daily glass of red wine helps to reduce the accumulation of fats in the liver, it favors the maintenance of low blood glucose, lowers the fat content in the blood, so it has benefits for people with high cholesterol. Ellagic acid, contained in many fruits and berries, activates a gene that maintains a low level of fat in the body, and prevents the formation of new fat cells - adipocytes.

In addition, research scientists have proved that wine tames the feeling of hunger, especially in cases where the appetite rises on the nerves. This does not allow you to eat large portions.

For losing weight

A natural antioxidant in the fight against low-density lipoproteins

One of the important substances contained in redwine, - resveratrol - has antioxidant, antitumor and antibacterial properties. This substance reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. In the eighties of the twentieth century in France, the bulk of the population ate foods rich in saturated fats. It was fraught with increased cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol is responsible for diseases such as myocardial infarction, apoplexy, high blood pressure and many other cardiovascular diseases.

The French in their mass do not represent life withoutlunch or dinner with a glass of good red wine. Thanks to this national tradition, they very rarely face the diseases listed above compared to those in other countries who do not consume red dry wine during meals.

Lowering the level of bad cholesterol is due to saponins - substances that dissolve in wine alcohol, thereby reducing the dangerous factor of cardiac diseases.

From a heart attack

For the brain

Reservatol is a substance that we have already mentioned- can bring a lot of benefit to our body. For example, not so long ago, studies were conducted, which revealed that a moderate intake of red dry wine can prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease. Drinking a glass of red wine a day, we can prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis: the blood liquefies and circulates faster in the brain, saturating it with oxygen. This helps to avoid problems with memory, the danger of which increases with age.

Benefits for the brain

For gums and teeth

Another benefit of red dry wine for healthis that it prevents gum disease and teeth. Did you notice the blood that protrudes on the gums while brushing your teeth? If your answer is "Yes," you can try using wine as an anti-inflammatory drug. Fermented grapes can prevent the development of streptococci and bacteria that cause the formation of caries. In addition, dry red wine helps in the fight against gingivitis and sore throat.

Benefits for gums

For Mental Health

Spanish researchers found that the redwine releases the release of endorphins into the brain, and this reduces the likelihood of depression. And again here the substance reservatrol, which gives us a sense of inner calmness and helps to fight against bad mood and blues. But do not forget that this is possible only with a moderate use of red dry wine, the doses should be low.

From depression

Reduces the risk of oncological pathologies

One of the best properties of red wine, goodwhich is beyond doubt, is that wine is a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are substances that slow the growth of pathological cells causing diseases such as lung and breast cancer. And again, Reservatrol! Together with the substance of quercetin, they block estrogens, which sometimes "go crazy" and can cause breast or intestinal cancer.

Do not forget that drinking dry red wine does not mean treating cancer, it's prevention.

wine warns cancer

Other useful properties

The wine favors digestion: it actively supports the intestinal flora, helps the stomach absorb the right fats.

It helps the urinary system: thanks to its antioxidant properties, red wine does not allow the formation of sand and kidney stones.

Due to its antioxidant properties, owhich we have repeatedly mentioned in this article, wine slows the aging of not only the skin, but also the bones. Thus, preventing osteoporosis. Thus, the benefits of red wine for women are obvious.

Which wine is better - white or red?

Despite the fact that the benefits of white wine are widespreadStill, red wine is more useful. It has many more useful substances. If you express the benefits of white and red wines in numbers, you can safely say that red wine is 10 times more useful than white wine! Because during the fermentation of white wine only the juice of white grapes takes part, and the mash - peel and grains - is separated from the juice. However, a valuable reservatrol is contained in it.

Red or white

Red wine: good and bad

An important question. We have already told you about the benefits of red dry wine, but is there any harm from this fine drink? Of course, it is, alas.

The most important harm from wine is the risk of getting sickalcoholism. Paracelsus said: "In a drop of medicine, in a spoon - poison." Probably, he talked about wine, too, because in his time they drank red wine, they already knew about the benefits and harm already. The fact is that often people do not know the measures and are excessively addicted to wine. Or are not familiar with the culture of wine drinking. To abuse wine in any case it is impossible, from it it loses all its excellent useful properties. Yes, wine is very pleasant to taste, and it is difficult to resist not to drink more and more, but if you do not, be in trouble.

Also, the harm of wine is that sometimes people in a state of intoxication become aggressive and can harm not only themselves, but also those around them.

The Legend of the Prophet Mohammed and the Wine

Once the prophet Mohammed was going somewhere on his businessand saw how the company of men is sitting, everyone is drinking wine, talking peacefully, philosophizing. The Prophet thought: "But a good drink, I guess. The wine draws together. " After a while, the prophet comes back and sees the same company that mutates each other, all were very aggressive, they were shouting some disjointed phrases. The Prophet Mohammed separated them, scolded them, sent them home, went on and thought: "No, still the wine separates." Since then he has forbidden his people to use any alcohol, from sin away.

What harm can uncontrolled use of wine bring?

It can bring red dry wine favor and harm. What exactly, it's up to you. Pay attention to the following negative consequences:

1) Irritation of the digestive tract:if you have high acidity, be extremely careful. Because wine can provoke an attack of gastritis, Barrett's disease, peptic ulcer and esophageal reflux.

2) Histamine, contained in red wine, in people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can provoke unpleasant bouts of diarrhea.

3) Red wine prevents the absorption of vitamin B1. And this means that at times the risk of encephalopathy Wernicke increases.

4) In cases of abuse of red wine, the risk of oncological pathologies sharply increases, as a rule, it is cancer of the stomach or intestine.

5) With excessive libations, the risk of triglyceridemia increases because of the increase in triglyceride levels.

6) Toxic effects of alcohol on the kidneys can lead to dehydration of the body.

7) The possibility of developing pathologies such as cirrhosis and liver failure, which can result in cancer of the liver.

8) Lowering blood glucose, that is, hypoglycemia.

9) Excessive consumption of wine can lead to insomnia and other sleep disorders.

10) It is strictly not recommended to drink red dry wine to pregnant women, this can entail irreparable damage to the health of the unborn child.

So, in this article we have considered many aspects of wine consumption and came to the conclusion: from red dry wine, there is benefit and harm, but what exactly you get depends on the dose.

Pliny the elder

And remember, the aphorism of Pliny the eldest actually sounded like this: In vino veritas multum mergitur - "In truth the truth more than once drowned."