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What do they make of manga? From what kind of grits do the mango

Memories from childhood are often associated withdirect intake of food in the form of semolina. As a rule, in most children this type of product has never caused much enthusiasm, and even more, it was associated with tasteless food. Only after growing up, we began to understand what the true value of dietary nutrition. However, the question of what the manga is made of, and to this day is unrequited for many. Let's plunge into the fascinating process of research and try to unravel the mystery of this cereal - the object of childish dislike.

Manufacture of manga

What do they make of manga?

Large flour mills and smallMill complexes are the place where thanks to the cereal technology from wheat they get a dietary product of white, beige or cream color. This is due, above all, the varietal qualities of grain.

It should be noted that the manufacture of manga from a solidwheat - a more labor-intensive process, as it is due to many factors of a technical and energy nature. The process of manufacturing cereal particles from soft varieties of cereal is relatively cheaper. At the same time, the combined grinding lot, consisting of two different sorts of crops, will yield an average product, the value of which will be expressed as a percentage of one of the prevailing crops.

The process of making semolina is accompanied by a number of important production operations:

  • Preparation - processing of grain crops: cleaning, washing, ridding in special bins.
  • Before entering grinding, wheatis the final stage of processing. It is passed through a variety of machines: screening machines, trirators, debranders, rock pickers, etc. This allows to significantly increase the efficiency of grinding in general.

Only with the implementation of the above technological chain, grain is fed to special lathes of grinding and grinding systems.

Description of the important mechanical process

What kind of cereals are made from manga?

After receiving information about what the mangamake, probably, you will be interested to learn about one more intermediate stage of production, and the most important - grinding. When exposed to the structural elements of roller machines - shafts, which differ in the speed of rotation and the direction of the cutting edges, the grain is crushed.

It should be noted that semolina isproduct of coarse grinding. That is, unlike flour, it does not pass a sufficiently long processing process. Usually, after the second drum system, by means of passage through sieves of different diameters, a certain fraction of grits is separated, which is the final product - semolina. Subsequently, the endosperm particles are enriched. This is a special type of cleaning (one or more cycles), at the stage of which particles of 0.5 mm size are isolated in a special tank (hopper).

The final phase of production

Making manga

So, now you know what kind of cereals are made frommanku. But before the full grain particles get to the special shop for packaging, they need to go through the final and short, but nevertheless an important stage - grinding. The fact is that the quality of the final product is determined precisely after it has been subjected to technological processing in the form of a peculiar ennobling. Due to this, semolina, ash content, percentage of fat content and fiber content significantly decrease in semolina. In other words, the semolina will acquire a special value, which will be expressed in the most favorable dietary properties of cereals.

Given the wheat's grade and complexityapplied technology, we can say that the whole process of production as a whole depends on such indicators as the quality, timing and conditions of storage of cereals, as well as its cost and some physical parameters associated with cooking and preparing the product.

Three out of one

What we make of wheat - wheat - we are used tosee on their tables in the form of bread, the assortment of which is quite diverse. Meanwhile from dietary croups it is possible to allocate basic - manna, favorable properties of which help people who underwent surgical operations. After all, in this case, rough food products are unacceptable and even contraindicated.

Today, the manga is represented in three forms, inparticular T, M and TM marks. However, it is the grade of processed wheat that remains the main indicator of the content of vitamins and other micro- and macroelements in the final product. So, what can we say about these markings:

  • "T" - cereals from hard varieties of cereals.
  • "M" is a soft kind of wheat.
  • "TM" - respectively, a combined version of the two previous varieties.

    Types of semolina

Porridge for Masha

Every housewife must know a lotways of cooking dishes from so unloved children and at the same time extremely necessary for the body of manga. In turn, some culinary masterpieces require compliance with a certain cooking technology. Therefore it is quite natural that the types of semolina are not always interchangeable.

So, for example, friability of porridge is given by solidgrain particles. For young children it is recommended to cook mango from soft wheat varieties, because the kasha from this type of cereal turns out to be homogeneous and pleasant to the taste. However, the product released under the brand "M", faster to boil and has a significant advantage in volume, if compared with dishes made from manga, marked with the symbol "T".

Do you know?

Porridge is not the only thing you can cookfrom diet cereals described species. The question of what the manga is made from becomes unimportant when it comes to delicious food and how to prepare it.

So, the significance of the "manna fields" is manifested inmaking sweet pies and puddings. It produces terrificly delicious soups with various greenery, and favorite pancakes and casseroles also provide for the use of cereals in the recipe. Sweet mousses and even cutlets from minced meat without dietary supplement will not be as tasty as with the addition of manga. And the effective method of losing weight, strangely enough, is also associated with the use of this cereal. Of course, the word "measure" in this context is of paramount importance.

Manufacture of manga

By the way, small children also should notit is often forced to use manna porridge, because the phytin, which is part of the cereal, contains phosphorus, which, in turn, binds calcium salts and prevents their penetration into the blood. This often leads to the development of rickets and spasmophilia in children.


Remember: everything should be in moderation.Well, if a child really constantly objects to having a useful manke, well, it's worth reconsidering the formula or foreseeing a slightly different form of presentation. Have a nice appetite and good health!