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How to cook dumplings with cottage cheese: recommendations and recipes

Despite the fact that in stores now you canfind a huge number of semi-finished products, most people believe that homemade pastries, cooked with love, can not be compared with anything. So, dumplings with cottage cheese, which can be made simply enough, can become a hostess dish. It is worth remembering that the filling can be both salty and sweet, with or without the addition of other products.

The benefits of this dish can not be said.Cottage cheese refers to dietary foods. Its value is primarily in the amino acids contained in it, which are necessary for the human body. It should also be noted such substances that are in curd, like calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. This product is necessary in the diet of both adults and children. However, the latter are not always happy to eat sour-milk dishes. In such cases, vareniki with cottage cheese, which are not only useful, but also very tasty, can come to the rescue.

For their preparation it is necessary to followseveral recommendations. Of course, every housewife has her own secrets and little tricks, however, there are also general tips for making a dish that melted in the mouth of the household. So, dough for dumplings with cottage cheese should preferably be cooked on kefir, slightly preheated it.

You can use the followingrecipe. For half a liter of kefir you need 3 eggs, melted butter (about 40 grams), half a teaspoon of salt and soda. If the sweet stuffing is supposed, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar are put in the dough. Flours will be needed so much that the elastic dough turns out, the proportion can be different, depending on the quality of this product. Slightly heated (not very strong, otherwise it can curl up) kefir mixed with all the ingredients. As soon as the dough stops sticking to the hands, it can be rolled out in a thin layer, from which dumplings with cottage cheese will be cooked in the future.

For the filling you can take different products.Classically it is made sweet. For this, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and a raw egg are put on a kilogram of cottage cheese. The mixture is thoroughly stirred. From the thinly rolled dough layer, cut out small circles, in the center of which is put the filling. The edges are neatly snapped. The resulting vareniki with curd are put in boiling water for a few minutes.

Another variant of the filling can be as follows.Dill (the proportion is taken according to the preferences of the cooker) finely chopped, mixed with chopped green onions, everything is put in cottage cheese, slightly podsalivaetsya.

You can prepare the dough for vareniki with cottage cheese as follows. The dish obtained as a result is called "lazy", because in order to do it, it will take a little time and effort.

The polylogram of cottage cheese is rubbed with two raweggs (you can use a blender for this). Here put a pinch of salt, a glass of flour, everything is thoroughly mixed. If the cottage cheese is home, bought on the market, a little soda is added to the dough. So vareniki will turn out more gentle and magnificent. For store cottage cheese, it is better not to use soda, as the dish can boil.

The resulting dough is kneaded, rolled thin"sausage", which is cut into pieces with a diameter of about 3 cm. In boiling water lazy vareniki with cottage cheese are laid out. They cook for about 5 minutes on medium heat. In the resulting dish, a piece of butter is added. Vareniki can be served on the table with sour cream, lightly sprinkled with sugar or powder.

This dish in many families is one of themost loved. And cooked with the soul vareniki with cottage cheese can unite at a common table the whole family. In addition, they are not too high in calories, as a result of which a dish can sometimes be afforded even by ladies who follow their figure.