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How to bake savoyardi cookies at home: a recipe, cooking tips

In our time, probably everyone knows a biscuitbiscuits with a beautiful name savoyardi, because it is one of the mandatory ingredients in the preparation of tiramisu. This amazing dessert is simply unthinkable without such a product. However, it is not always possible to acquire it. But if you are going to make a dessert, then you can prepare yourself savoyardi cookies at home. To make it is not so difficult.

What is the appeal of cookies?

Savoyardi is also called "lady's fingers"because the products have a very elongated and long form. Such a cookie perfectly absorbs creams and syrups, so it is used for cooking charlottes, cakes, pastries, desserts and frozen cakes.

savoyardi cookies at home

He is adored even by children who have not yetget used to solid food. If you lightly moisten savoyardi in milk, it will immediately get soaked. It is for this reason that some pediatricians recommend using "ladies' fingers" for complementary feeding. Prepare cookies savoyardi at home is simple enough. Its basis is well-beaten proteins, which will give the product softness. Top of the cookie is sprinkled with powdered sugar.

How to cook savoyardi cookies?

The principle of making "lady's fingers"it is simple enough - squirrels separate from a yolk then beat up with a sugar in a abrupt foam. It is worth remembering that sugar is introduced gradually. Yolks are also ground with powder and small amounts of protein. And only then the sifted flour is added very carefully to the resulting mixture. The dough needs to be kneaded very carefully, so that the foam does not have time to settle, because our task is to get an airy and light product. The most important thing is to be able to mix the dough in such a way that there are no lumps, but at the same time the mass so that it does not opal. Due to the step-by-step mixing, it is possible to get a light and airy dough. Otherwise, the mass may be heavy, and the finished product is too loose. Then the dough is squeezed from the confectionery bag onto paper (baking), greased with vegetable or baking oil.

savoyardi biscuits for tiramisu

Mass should be laid out in stripes on an equal footingdistance from each other. During cooking, the cookie will increase in volume. As you can see, cooking savoyardi cookies at home is not so difficult. Top with sugar powder or sugar. Bake them very quickly, literally for 15 minutes (temperature 190-220 degrees). Ready cookies should acquire a golden hue. In no case should you open the oven during cooking, as savoyardi can immediately settle down.

Ingredients for cookies

For preparation we need the following components:

  1. Sugar - 160 g.
  2. Three eggs.
  3. Powdered sugar - 60 g.
  4. Flour 120 g.

Savoyardi cookies: recipe classic

Preparation of the cookie begins with the fact that we separate the proteins from the yolks. We put them in different dishes. All containers used for cooking must be perfectly dry and clean.

recipe for biscuits savoyardi at home

Yolks must be beaten with 80 g of sugar beforeobtaining a smooth white mass. Also, whisk 80 grams of sugar with protein until strong peaks are obtained. Next, gently combine the mass together and mix it to a homogeneous state. Add the sieved flour to the resulting mixture. Very slowly mix to a homogeneous consistency. After that, you can shift the dough into a pastry bag.

how to bake savoyardi cookies

Cover the pan with parchment and grease ittop with butter. And then squeeze out of the bag the strips of up to 15 centimeters. On top of the workpiece sprinkled with powder through a sieve. And we send the pan to the oven. Savoyardi cookies are almost ready at home. It is baked at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. After turning off the oven, the cookie should cool slightly, it can not be immediately removed from the pan. You can try to cook this pastry yourself using our simple Savoyardi cookie recipe. At home, it is not so difficult to bake it, and the result will allow you to get a lot of compliments from relatives.

Secrets of cooking

Using the Savoyardi cookie recipe, in the homeconditions, you can prepare an excellent cookie, which will be no worse than imported. But for this you need to know little tricks. For the production of porous and lush cookies, the proteins must be pre-cooled. And for whipping it's worth using not a whisk, but a mixer, then the foam turns out much more magnificent. First, whiskers are beaten without sugar at minimum speeds until the mass acquires volume. Only after this can gradually introduce sugar, increasing the speed.

how to cook savoyardi cookies

Such a simple method allows you to quicklyget a strong protein mass. How to understand if the protein is ready? It's very simple to do. The dishes with the mass should be tilted and see if the protein is draining down? If he does not move, the mass is ready.

Important nuances

How to bake the most delicious savoyardi cookies fortiramisu? Many famous confectioners have their secrets. So, for example, some experts recommend not using sugar powder, from which the dough can settle, but exclusively powdered sugar. Others recommend mixing in equal quantities powder with sugar and such a mixture to cover the surface of the savoyardi. And after one layer of sweet is absorbed, once again cover the surface with sugar mass. Double sweet powder makes "lady's fingers" much tastier.

Also it is worth remembering that the cookies should be necessarily dry. If it is too soft, you can slightly dry it in the oven or leave it on the table for the whole night.

How else can you bake savoyardi cookies fortiramisu? The simplest option is to prepare a thin biscuit using baking parchment. And then cool and cut into thin pieces, slightly dried in the oven.

savoyardi recipe classic cookies

During preparation in the dough, you can addvodka, cognac, whiskey, salt ... Such cookies, of course, are more dense, but stunningly tasty. Alcohol is added to the dough during the connection of proteins and yolks. But the dry additives (peel, cocoa, starch) are introduced directly into the flour until the kneading of the dough. Some confectioners use the old way to raise the mass: soda, slaked vinegar.

The original recipe

How to bake savoyardi cookies according to the original recipe?

For cooking, you need 180 grams of flour andhalf a teaspoon baking powder. In a separate basin, combine one hundred grams of sugar with 70 grams of butter. In the sugar-egg mixture, add 120 grams of milk, flour, vanillin and knead very soft dough. We will transfer it to a confectioner's bag and we will squeeze out thin long strips on the oiled parchment. Next we'll send the baking sheet into the oven and bake it for ten minutes. The cookie is ready at the moment when it will acquire a slight golden hue.

Instead of an afterword

Now you know how to cooksuch cookies as savoyardi. It can become not only a favorite treat, but also a basis for making other sweets: tiramisu, cakes. Although biscuit sticks are incredibly tasty and on their own. Especially they are good with milk, coffee or tea. The main advantage of a cookie is the fact that it does not stale for a long time. It can be prepared and then stored for several days in a closed box. Such low-calorie baking is an ideal option for family tea parties. There are many recipes for cookies with various additives. All of them are good in their own way. Therefore, in order to find your best option, you need to try a few of them.