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Pastila in a dryer for fruits and vegetables

If you are thinking about how to save your favoriteapples for the cold season, pastilles in the dryer can be an excellent solution. Perhaps, this is the most budgetary option for harvesting fruits, because it does not require sugar or huge labor. Pastila is well preserved, but its main advantage is that the vitamins in it are kept to the maximum, because the prolonged influence of high temperatures does not result in fruit being exposed.

Shepherd in the dryer

Such a delicacy can be cooked and without the purpose of a longstorage, and simply as a dessert. Preparatory work takes quite a bit of time and effort, and then the smart machine works. You will need to simply select the program, and after the due date take out the ready-made pastille: fragrant, thin and very tasty. And that everything went well, we'll look at all the stages in detail.

Delicacy with history

Such a dessert in Russia began to be cooked a long time ago.The mention of pastil is contained in the sources of the times of Ivan the Terrible. The crushed berry and fruit puree was spread over the fabric stretched over the frame and dried in a cooling furnace, without closing the flap. A gradual decrease in temperature made it possible to dry the fruit mass evenly. Today, the pastille in the dryer is done according to the same principle.

Pastilla in a dryer for fruits and vegetables

There is another recipe in which to whippedfruit pulp is added with egg whites. The color of such a pastilla is lighter, and the structure is more magnificent. But this delicacy needs to be cooked in an open oven, as it needs a temperature higher than the electric dryer can provide. Such a pasta is called Kolomenskaya - after the city, in which, according to legend, it was invented. The recipe was widely used in the USSR, sweetness was spread throughout the country. This delicacy was so famous and popular that it was exported abroad even during the Iron Curtain. Did such a pastille and at home, whipping the mashed potatoes with proteins, drying the layers in the oven. But the protein-free pastry was for a long time devoted to undeserved oblivion. Of course, it was manufactured industrially, but domestic production almost went to nothing. Today, with the advent of electric dryers, we can prepare such sweetness ourselves, choosing for our households only the best quality products.

Apples for pastille

In the old days for this dessert used acid varieties of apples: antonovku, titovku. Often apples were mixed with apples. Honey was added for sweetness, and later sugar.

pastilles in the dryer recipes

Pastilla in the dryer for vegetables and fruits can beprepared from any variety. The technology does not require adding any sweeteners, it's only a matter of taste. If you like sweet, choose white fill, ryhard, golden - they have enough fructose, sugar and does not need. Remember, the pastille is much sweeter than the raw raw fruit, thanks to the evaporation of the liquid.

Preparation for the process

Apple pastilles in the vegetable dryer will turn out more tenderly if you completely clear the fruit from the peel. Even steamed and carefully broken by a blender, it creates a graininess.

Wash the apples, brush, grate,remember with your hands. They will let out the juice, which will be enough to cook the mashed potatoes. If the variety does not have a pronounced juiciness, pour a little water and put on the stew.

There is another way, more useful and simple.Just fold the whole apples with the peel on the deco and bake in the oven until cooked. The time depends on the size of the fruit, the temperature regime and the settings of the oven.

Ways of making puree

Puree from grated apple wipe through a colander,smash with a crowbar or blend with a blender. And with baked apples you need to remove the skin, in parallel separating the pulp with a spoon, and take out the middle. It may seem that it is not even necessary to interrupt it, it is so soft it turns out. But the pastille in the dryer will be more gentle, if you slightly vzobete it.

Drying process

pastille in a vegetable dryer

Spread a circle of parchment on the grate andgently distribute it with mashed potatoes. One kilogram of apples is enough for an average of 5-6 rounds of pastille. The layer of the mashed potatoes should be up to a centimeter, or even even less - 0.4-0.5 cm. Then you will get a thin and smooth pastille that will easily fold into a roll. The pastille in the dryer will cook for an average of 20-22 hours.

The settings depend on the model of the electric dryer.Usually recommendations for the preparation of pastilles are contained in the instructions. You can either select the desired mode, or set the regulator to a temperature of 37-40 degrees.

That's all, the active phase of cooking homemade apple pastila is completed, it remains only to wait about a day.

Do I need sugar?

Will enough sweet pastille in the dryer?Recipes for the preparation of this delicacy, for the most part, do not contain a mention of sugar. Of course, the exception is the most acidic varieties or slightly unripe fruit that must be harvested. In any case, the choice is yours. Focus on your own tastes. Strict recommendations simply do not exist, and arguments in favor of sugar, and against it, you can find a lot. But the fact remains: in the original recipe, the sweetener is.

Spices, additional ingredients

And did you know that the homemade pastille in the dryercan be cooked not only from apples? You can supplement the recipe with any berries and fruits. Moreover, you can experiment not only with the tastes, but also with the coloring. For example, with the help of puree made of blueberries or black currants, you can prepare the pastille in stripes or peas. Imagine how great such sweetness will look on the table!

pastil in a fruit dryer

Gourmets consider the most successful partnersapples cinnamon, vanilla, plum, cherry, pear, honey. Strawberry will give a pleasant pink shade and recognizable taste, even if it is much less than apples. A peach and a non-peacock fill the sweetness with a sunny yellow shade and give softness. Tandem blackberries, blueberries and cranberries will make this sweetness a true record for vitamins. A small amount of cocoa will give a steady chocolate taste. Apple-plum paste is very common in the Caucasus. By the way, there it is not considered a dessert, and sometimes it will even blow to meat. Be sure to try this combination.

Prepare all kinds of mashed potatoes that you planuse, separately from each other. Mix already whipped, homogeneous masses. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve homogeneity. Before pouring the parchment, once more, blend the fruit and berry puree with a blender.

Storage and expiration dates

homemade pastille in the dryer

When the pastille in the fruit dryer is ready,remove it together with the parchment substrate. You can store the pastille with paper, rolled into rolls. Parchment will not allow the sweetness to stick together. Cut strips 5-6 cm wide, fold and thread them. Fold the pastille in clean dry jars, cap it and put it in the refrigerator.

You can store the pastille without paper. Roll rolls, wrap food film. On average, the pastille is stored for about six months.

Serving to the table and palatability

This dessert can be served for tea, coffee, cocoa.A vitamin-rich pastille made from apples in a dryer is perfect for a children's menu. It will successfully replace non-nutical chewing gums and sweets. Many children like to eat a pastilla with a snack with sweet porridge (oatmeal, semolina) and dishes from cottage cheese. If you treat a child with a pasty, take care of drinks: juice, kefir, milk. Sweet pastille can cause thirst.

pastilla of apples in a dryer

In the cold season, the pastille can be served to mulled wine and other hot drinks with a degree. In summer, you can offer a pasta as a light snack for dessert wine.

Usually this sweetness is served on flat common plates, but can be decomposed and portioned.

Pastila you can eat with your hands, not usingdessert cutlery. Some prefer to serve large layers rolled into rolls, and someone likes to pre-cut the pastille less and dust with powdered sugar.