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How to make cottage cheese from sour milk: useful recommendations

how to make a curd from sour milk
This recipe is not so much a dish asway to prepare the ingredient for later use. Most often it is bought in stores, but there is a way of making cottage cheese from sour milk. Each hostess can make such a thing, because the recipe is quite easy, and one can even say, quite commonplace. The most important thing is to have sour milk on hand, and it will be very easy to cook a delicious product from it. Many housewives call this curd from sour milk more useful than purchased, because the process of cooking is controlled by themselves, and all the ingredients are quality and are present in the right amount. But very often, in order to make a domestic sour-milk product, there is no time or effort, so you have to buy ready-made. Anyway, in the arsenal of any hostess there must be a recipe for how to make a curd from sour milk, in order to flash a culinary skill, not only in the preparation of delicious dishes, but also such dairy products.

Our method of preparation does not contain a largeamount of ingredients. For this you need only sour milk. It should be noted that if you make cottage cheese for the first time, then you do not need to take more liter. Without getting a hand, you can remain dissatisfied with the result and only regret about the product spent in large quantities. Therefore, to begin with, you can prepare about 700 ml of milk "for testing", and if you like the result, then in the future, already think about how to make cottage cheese from sour milk in large quantities.

Now we tell the process of creating this masterpiece of cooking

For cooking, use onlywell skilful milk. To do this, you can leave it for a few days without cleaning it in the refrigerator. Approximately on the second day you will get a thick mass like kefir. Most housewives call it "sour". It is with him that we will work, and talk about how to make cottage cheese from sour milk.

how to make cottage cheese from yogurt
So, the resulting "sour" is poured intosaucepan, trying not to mix. We put on a slow fire and wait for the serum to separate. As soon as we feel that the mass is warmed, turn off the gas and remove the pan. Bring to a boil in any case impossible, because then instead of cottage cheese will get a rubber mixture, which will be very problematic to use.

As soon as the "sour" is a bit cold, we put oncolander piece of gauze, folded several times, and pour out the contents of the pan. After this, it is necessary to tie gauze, leaving the resulting curd in it to make the glass all the liquid. The process lasts for a couple of hours.

cottage cheese from sour milk
We remove the ready curd from gauze and shift it intostorage container. Serum can be used as an ingredient for pancakes, pancakes or buns or just a drink. To taste it resembles liquid kefir and will also be very useful for the body because of the content of useful vitamins.

Now you know the recipe for making cottage cheese from sour milk. It turns out very satisfying, and most importantly - useful.