/ Lowest calorie cereals. List of croup. Low-calorie dinner

The lowest calorie cereals. List of croup. Low-calorie dinner

During the diet period, the most low-calorie cereals havegreat importance, since they are the ones that can fill the body with missing vitamins. Varieties of cereals that are allowed to eat with diets, there are many, but not all of them can help in burning fats. After all, in this case it all depends on the calorie content of the product, so before making a diet, you need to review the best low-calorie cereals for weight loss with the indication of calories provided in the article.

the most low-calorie cereals

Benefits of cereals

When losing weight, even the most low-calorie cereals are notshould be in the category of instant cooking. Packaged products that only need to be poured with boiling water will not do absolutely no good. They contain much less useful substances than in natural grains.

Cereals, the list of which is given below,They are considered slow carbohydrates, which provide the body with satiety for a long time. Also beneficial effect is provided by fiber, vegetable protein and trace elements contained in these porridges. They contribute to the improvement of the intestine and are the best assistants in the burning of fats.

the lowest calorie porridge for breakfast

Now it's time to find out whichthere are the most low-calorie cereals for weight loss. The table will help you to quickly understand this question and understand which cereal is best for this or that diet:

Name of porridge

basic information

Caloric content per 100 g


Contains a sufficient amount of vitamins, fat proteins and other elements necessary for the body. Nutritionists recommend eating buckwheat porridge even with obesity.

329 kcal


It is able to remove toxins and wastes from the body. The composition contains enzymes that help the absorption of fats, proteins and amino acids.

345 kcal


It has a high content of fiber, mineral salts, antioxidants and vitamins.

90 kcal


It is rich in nicotinic acid, manganese, zinc, protein and copper - elements that are often lacking in slimming.

334 kcal


Helps reduce cholesterol in the blood and stabilize fat metabolism, as well as adjust the work of the entire body.

316 kcal


Quickly and effectively splits fat cells, reduces cholesterol and removes slag.

337 kcal

Rice (brown rice)

Groats are distinguished by the content of vitamins of the whole group B. Also in it is fiber, protein, starch and carbohydrates.

81 kcal

Pearl barley / barley

Very useful for people who suffer from constipation. It supplies the body with energy due to vitamins and minerals present in the composition.

324 kcal


Diet cereal is not, but to the listlow-calorie products it can be attributed. Manna porridge helps to lose weight with moderate use, and also cleanses the body and establishes metabolic processes.

338 kcal

Looking low-calorie cereals for weight loss withindicating the calories, it is easy to make an ideal diet for yourself and lose weight in a short time. And for those who can not decide on the choice of cereals, below are options for effective diets.

The lowest calorie cereals can be bought in anygrocery store, but you need to be able to choose the right product. The problem can arise if you want to lose weight with rice. After all, the least amount of calories is contained in brown rice, while white, on the contrary, is the most caloric. And such cereals as wheat, millet and buckwheat have one feature - from their regular use it is almost impossible to get better.

Diets on cereals

The lowest calorie cereals can be usedwith diets or just to cleanse the body. Any cereal diet makes it possible not only to adjust the weight, but also to be saturated with the necessary vitamins and microelements, greatly improving the state of the organism.

low-calorie cereals for weight loss with the indication of calories

Cereals, the list of which is above, it is not so difficult to cook. For cooking, use only water, and sugar, salt and oil are not recommended to add, so as not to increase the calorie content of the dish.


Low-calorie dinner for quick cleansingthe body can be cooked with buckwheat. Routine and iron contained in its composition, make it possible to avoid anemia and make up for the lack of vitamins in the body. Groats can be cooked by cooking or parks. If there is a desire to make the most delicious, but low-calorie dinner, then to the buckwheat you can add zucchini or carrots in cooked form, which contain a minimum number of calories. And if you want to sit on a buckwheat diet, then you can consider the following options:

  1. Two-week cycle. For a couple of weeks you only need to eat buckwheat porridge. You can consume it in unlimited quantities.
  2. Fasting day. Unlike the previous version, here buckwheat should be eaten only for one day a week. At the same time it is allowed to fill with yogurt or yogurt.

low-calorie dinner


If necessary, reset to 2 kilogramslow-calorie milk porridge is ideal. That is steamed porridge can be filled with milk and eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if you need to get rid of more weight, then you have to limit yourself to eating other foods, because the oatmeal contains a considerable amount of fat.

The ideal time for losing weight is about 5-6kilogram will be one week. It is necessary to eat porridge in steamed form, and as additives you can use only berries or fruits (except for high-calorie bananas and grapes). After a week's diet, it is necessary to spend unloading days (during the day, drink only water). Thus, you can throw up to 15-20 kilograms for a couple of months.

Seven cereals

About what cereal is the most low-calorie anduseful, if you do not add any additional ingredients, it's difficult to say. After all, when you use the same cereal for several days, it simply starts to get bored. Therefore, experienced nutritionists have developed another good diet, which includes as many as seven cereals. Unlike the rest, such a diet does not harm the body, as it is saturated with all useful elements evenly.

cereals list

For one week, you need to eat porridge in this order (by days):

  1. Wheat.
  2. The millet.
  3. Millet porridge.
  4. Groats are rice.
  5. The barley.
  6. Pearl barley.
  7. A mixture of all these cereals in equal proportions.

Millet porridge

The lowest calorie porridge for breakfast is,of course, pyshenka. In its properties, it is very similar to wheat, but there are some differences. As people say, thanks to a diet with this kind of croup it turns out to throw up to 5-6 kilograms a week.

When choosing cereals, it is recommended to pay attentionon bright grains, since it is in them contains a greater number of useful elements. Cook the porridge in the water, keeping the proportion 1: 3. Eat it all day, not too large portions. The most optimal option is 5-6 meals. If desired, you can fill the dish with linseed oil or mix with dried apricots, sesame seeds.

Wheat diet

Most often, wheat on the table is found in the formpasta, although in fact it does more good in the form of cereals. Wheat has a particularly effective effect on immunity, strengthening it, and also helps to lose those extra pounds without feeling hungry during the day.

Wheat diet is best kept for a week.Groats are cooked on water, salt, oil and spices are forbidden. To diversify the taste, you can complement the dish with steamed vegetables or fresh fruit.

During such a diet, professionals are stronglyit is recommended to completely exclude from the diet bananas, grapes and potatoes in any form, since these foods contain many calories. A drink is best green tea, improving the work of the intestines and stomach and causing appetite, as well as low-fat dairy products and milk (recommended at home).

Lose weight with pearl barley

Pearl barley really works wonders forthose people who often turn to diets. Its benefits are undeniable, it is famous for its high fiber content, as well as the ability to satiate the human body for a long time. Perlovka has a lot of antioxidants, which are of great benefit to the skin and hair growth. A properly cooked cereal cleans the intestines from the stool.

low-fat milk porridge

Throw off the hated pounds with the help ofPerlovki can be literally in a week. Preparing it is necessary without adding all kinds of oils or spices. The only permitted addition is lemon juice. They can sprinkle the dish, giving it an even more attractive flavor and taste.

Corn ration

Fast and most efficientget rid of excess weight will help corn. Cook it on ordinary water in a proportion of 1: 4. Ready porridge should be divided into approximately 6 receptions, the intervals between which should be the same.

Corn is brewed for a long time, but to shorten itTime can be, if pre-steamed croup for a couple of hours before cooking. As people say, literally for three days it turns out to throw about 4-5 kilograms.

Diet with rice

Any rice cereal contains complexcarbohydrates, which saturate the body for a long time. A good advantage of rice is the fact that it does not necessarily have to be cooked. After all, this kind of cereal can simply pour boiling water and leave for the night. This is the way cooking reduces the number of calories.

rice croup

In order to get rid of hated pounds, it is recommended to eat only brown or brown rice, and if necessary, simply reduce the number of calories consumed per day can be taken and white.

What is better for losing weight?

The indisputable leader among the croups is millet.This cereal not only creates an obstacle to the formation of new fat, but also favorably promotes its removal. Pshenka saturates the human body with important vitamins E, B and PP, as well as magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, thanks to the regular use of such porridge, you can not only lose weight, but also improve your own health.

Low-calorie dinner

As for breakfast, and for dinner it is useful to useporridge. One of the best options is oatmeal. It can be eaten in the form of cereals or cereal, but in any case it should be cooked without salt and oil. And if its taste is already boring because of prolonged use, then it is possible to diversify and improve it by adding cinnamon, fruits or berries.