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Coffee "Jacobs Milikano": history and modernity

For over 600 years, a person uses thisa divine drink - coffee. In the 14th century it was grown in southern Yemen. Later this product was distributed in the countries of the East. The drink became popular after it was tried by the inhabitants of Constantinople, they also opened the first store selling coffee.

A bit of history

Europeans learned about the drink in the 17th century.His procession across Europe began with coffee from Italy and was a drink of exclusively aristocrats, later his consumption increased, the product became very popular and, despite the high cost, it began to be used along with the higher nobility and the middle strata of society.

Today, mankind knows more than a hundred speciescoffee. The founder of the company "Jacobs" was Johann Jacobs, who opened the first fruit processing plant in Germany. Basically the businessman got to his feet after the Second World War.

Flavor and flavor

Coffee "Jacobs Milikano" is a product of new generation. It is a natural instant freeze-dried drink. It combines soluble and ground coffee with ultra-fine grinding.

The content of instant coffee is 85%.At the same time, the average (Viennese) degree of roasting is performed. Thanks to this, ground coffee retains the taste and aroma, which opens at the moment of brewing. The novelty of "Jacobs Milikano" makes it possible to quickly brew instant coffee, and to enjoy the rich taste of ground.

Jacobs Milikano

Its flavor and aroma help to keep special packages. It is a soft container with a fastener, a glass jar and sachets - packaging, thanks to which all the useful properties of the product are preserved.

The main advantage of the coffee "Jacobs Milikano" is the speed of its preparation, and at the same time the product is liked by the consumer for the unique aroma that appears immediately when the lid is opened.

The drink is low-calorie, but it containsa large amount of protein. In 100 g of the product contains: 14.50 g of proteins, 2.23 g of fats, 9.20 g of carbohydrates, caloric content - 115.25 kcal (482 kJ). The percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the product: 55.9% protein, 8.6% fat, 35.5% carbohydrates.

Fruit quality

The firm "Jacobs" uses high-qualityarabica as a raw material. This plant has a pronounced aroma, reminiscent of jasmine. Obligatory condition for harvesting arabica - work must be done manually. This is of great importance for obtaining coffee of the elite class.

The quality of the berries is also influenced by the quality.When making a drink, only absolutely ripe fruits are used. The grain for the production of coffee is in the middle of the berry, so it needs to be separated from the pulp. This is done in two ways - dry and wet.

Coffee Jacobs Milikano

With the wet method, the process of separating the grain fromFlesh occurs after soaking berries in water. At the same time, a ready-to-drink drink will have a mild flavor. When the method is dry, the berries are dried in the sun, and then the grains are separated by the machine.

Now in the production of coffee "Jacobs" are appliedRobusta and Arabica fruits brought from plantations that have quality certificates. The combination of the tart taste of Robusta and essential oils of Arabica gives a unique taste of the drink.

The determination of the proportions when mixing grains inthe process of manufacturing "Jacobs Milikano" engaged specialists of the company, creating more and more new flavors. In their disclosure, the main role is played by roasting the seeds at the right time at a certain temperature.


Grains roasting, which makes it possible to openall their aroma, have been engaged for more than a century. The product is heated to 250 degrees, and then cooled with water or air. At the same time, the unique aroma and taste of the Jacobs coffee is born.

Coffee Jacobs Milikano price

Now this brand belongs to the company "KraftFoods "- the manufacturer of coffee" Jacobs "in Russia.In 2000, the company" Kraft Foods "built a factory that produces coffee blends and packages for a soluble drink.The factory currently uses the most advanced technology, so the product is of the highest quality.

Each granule of instant coffee "Jacobs Milikano" contains inside the natural roasted ground coffee. Particles of ground grain are twice smaller than grains of soluble. Its content in capsules is 15%.

"Jacobs Milikano" - reviews of fans and coffeemakers

Many fans of the black drink vivacitybelieve that it has an unrivaled taste and aroma. This is a successful combination of instant and ground coffee. The novelty has become popular. Coffee "Jacobs Milikano", whose price is within 500 rubles per 100 g, is available to all segments of the population.

Its unique aroma fascinates, as soon as you open the lid of the jar. Convenient in cooking, if you buy, then only "Jacobs Milikano", consider amateurs and coffeemakers.

Coffee Jacobs Miliko Reviews

Among the assortment of this variety ison a separate line. One likes the tart and strong taste of ground freshly brewed coffee, while others - a delicate, elegant and delicate flavor of soluble, and lovers of arabica feel a light sourness and a pleasant aftertaste. But everyone appreciates this wonderful invigorating drink.