/ How to replenish the account from the Savings Bank card in another bank?

How to replenish the account from the Savings Bank card in another bank?

To date, an alternative has been inventedordinary money transfers, for which you do not need to specifically open a bank account. You can now transfer money from the card to the card through self-service terminals. But the only drawback - this can be done with a debit card not only from the sender, but also from the recipient of the funds. So how to replenish the account from the Savings Bank card?

how to replenish an account from a savings bank card
Is it popular?

Practically in every branch of the bank nowsuch a service is provided for the transfer of funds. And their popularity is only growing, as Sberbank implements a lot of debit cards, even to transfer interest to the population on their deposits, to pay pensions, to transfer earnings, which helps significantly increase the number of cardholders. Through the ATM is very convenient to watch the card balance of the Savings Bank. Sberbank also increases the number of ATMs with a variety of functions and terminals throughout the country, in order to increase the number of places to provide a card-to-card transfer service and to simplify the procedure for issuing it.

Sberbank balance sheet
How to replenish the account from the Savings Bank card and where is the transfer made?

There are several ways to add funds to your account:

- through self-service devices;

- through the Internet bank;

- through a mobile phone;

- permanent transfers on long-term orders of customers;

- disposable, through the employees of one of the branches.

How to replenish an account from a Sberbank card: a description of the methods

Now let's talk in more detail abouttranslations. Through ATMs with the help of cards it is possible to carry out transfers to clients not only of Sberbank, but also of other banks. You can also put money on savings books or on

types of plastic cards of the Savings Bank
account in another financial institution. Agree, this is very convenient. There are different types of plastic cards of Sberbank, and on all you can make transactions for translation. You can not transfer only from credit.

How to replenish the account from the Savings Bank card and what are the tariffs?

When the card is located in another region, the commissionis charged at a rate of one percent of the amount. When transferring to a client of another bank, the commission is from one to one and a half percent, but not less than 30 rubles. Although, of course, much depends on the bank in which the transfer is made. More precisely, you can learn the amount only when an operation is performed. As for who pays the commission, it is collected from the sender's card. All you need is to enter the beneficiary's card number, and almost instantly the money will be transferred to the account. Also there are certain limits on the amount of transfer. In the case of sending money to a client of the Savings Bank, the maximum amount is not more than one hundred thousand per day.

What do you need to remember when translating?

It is required to remember several rules that were developed by the bank:

- the currency of the recipient and the sender must be the same;

- The commission is collected only from the sender;

- You can not transfer money from a credit card account.