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What is the rating of Russian banks in 2014?

Many people are faced with the need to takecredit. In order not to be in a difficult situation, one should be extremely cautious about choosing a bank. In this connection, the question arises as to which bank is the most reliable. The rating of Russian banks will help answer it, depending on the size of their capital.

What is the reliability rating?

rating of Russian banks

Today there are many rating agencies,which conduct research and find out different factors: the level of profit organization, financial stability, the volume of loans, the number of loans issued. The main indicator for investors and businessmen is the amount of assets. Based on this coefficient, a so-called rating of Russian banks on assets or reliability is created. Watching the deviations of the values, you can see how often people turn to a particular bank, what is the level of confidence in it. Organizations that occupy high positions, work for many years. Most often they are supported by the state.

The top ten most creditworthy banks in Russia

rating of Russian banks by assets

As of February 1, 2014, he tops the rating of Russian banks
Sberbank of Russia.Its assets amounted to 16 707 billion rubles. In second place is Gazprombank, whose capital is approximately 3,663 billion rubles. It is followed by VTB-24, which owns 2 069 billion rubles. The fourth place was taken by Rosselkhozbank, increasing its funds to 1741 billion. Next comes the Bank of Moscow (savings equal to 1,640 billion rubles). The next position is taken by Alfa-Bank, followed by Nomos-Bank. In the eighth place is Unicredit, followed by Promsvyazbank. Completes the rating of Russian banks for reliability (the tenth place) Raiffeisenbank with savings of 702.3 billion rubles.

Twenty regular seats

At the eleventh place is Rosbank, afterwhich follows "St. Petersburg". The thirteenth place is occupied by the Moscow Credit Bank. The fourteenth position belongs to the bank Russia, and the next - Ak Bars. The 16th line belongs to Uralsib, followed by the famous Russian standard. The eighteenth place is occupied by the Khanty-Mansiysk Bank. Even fewer assets in Home Credit and Finance. Twentieth place belongs to Svyaz-Bank (fixed assets equal to 316.98 billion rubles).

Citibank is on the 21st place, after whichfollowed by MDM, Nordea Bank, Globex. Zenit takes the 25th position, followed by Petrocommerce. Further - Eastern Express, Binbank, ING (Eurasia). 30th place belongs to the bank Revival.

Reviews of borrowers about some banks

rating of Russian banks for reliability

Even knowing the rating of Russian banks for differentcriteria, you can be disappointed in the choice. According to clients' feedback, the following banks provide the best loan conditions and convenient interest rates:

  • Sberbank;
  • Eastern Express;
  • VTB 24;
  • Gazprombank;
  • Bank of Moscow;
  • Alfa Bank;
  • Trust.

However, there are organizations that attract people with low interest for a loan, and the contract offers completely unfavorable conditions. Therefore, the following banks received negative feedback from customers:

  • Russian standard;
  • Renaissance Credit;
  • Tinkoff Credit Systems.

Knowing the rating of Russian banks and the feedback of people, you can reduce the risk of becoming deceived or getting into a desperate situation.