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Handmade crafts: how to make?

If you have a car, you must haveold tires, which seemingly do not want to be thrown out, but they can not be used for their intended purpose. Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation, you need only give vent to your imagination and spend a little time. Then unnecessary candidates for landfill will find a new life.

Handmade crafts
After all, handmade crafts can be made by handmake such a variety and vivid that it will be impossible to tear off their eyes. Moreover, you can make such decor elements for the yard, which will also perform a practical function. We are talking about such products as large flowerpots or flowerbeds for flower beds.

Be sure that whatever you decidemake crafts from tires with their own hands, they will be an excellent decoration of your yard. Of course, modern stores sell a huge number of sculptures, which can decorate the area in front of the house, but, firstly, they are worth a lot of money, and secondly, it is possible that you will see the same figurines in the domain of your friends or acquaintances.

With the advantages of self-manufacturingdecor elements for the yard, we figured out, now we need to know how to make crafts from tires. How to make a fence for flower beds from the tires? I think everyone knows about this.

Crafts from tires: how to do?
But when it comes to creating playgrounds for children, then there may be certain difficulties.

Swan is the most popular figure amongowners of dachas who decided to build hand-made articles from tires. It's very simple to make this bird with your own hands, the main thing is to understand all the features and to acquire a sharp knife and chalk. First, it is necessary to draw lines on the tire, indicating the neck and wings of the future feathered beauty. Then you should take a sharp knife and cut all these lines. In order to cope with the hardest part of the tire, it is better to use a bulgarian or chisel. It is this piece of rubber that will be the tail and the bird's head. Further, all the cut parts are bent so that the swan has turned out. To create a graceful shape of the head and neck, you can use an elongated stainless steel plate, having screwed it to the rubber with small screws.

When the figure is completely ready, it can be painted white and set on a half of the other tire, choosing for that blue and blue shades.

Crafts from old tires
Then the swan will look like floating in a pond. Parrots, baskets, peacocks, flamingos and other hand-made articles from the tire can be produced by the same way, the main thing is to think up a hero and put the appropriate markings on the tire.

If you have a large garden or yard, why would youDo not please your children with a new original playground? Crafts from old tires for places where children are frolic can be presented in the form of swings, tunnels, various obstacles and barriers. And do not forget to finish all the products in bright colors, after all, as you know, children's attention is attracted by everything colorful and cheerful.