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Incredible handmade carpets

It's a pity to throw out your deadline.car tires. After all, there is no better material for craftsmen crafts. From tires for cars, cycling and from any other transport, you can make useful things for the garden or the incredible beauty of the sculpture. It can be painted vases, and figures of various animals, and hedges, and sports fields, and high beds for different cultures.

Crafts made from automotive tires - photo

car articles made from tires

car tire products
tire figures
tire swing
If tires dug into the ground and decoratebright colors, you get an original fun fence. It will help to divide the site into functional zones or to isolate the beds from each other. Even from the old tires are excellent swing. And if you try, then your children will have a swing in the form of funny animals. Why are there swings, creative people even make belts and shoes from this material.

Crafts from tires for flower beds

beds of tires
tire pots
Today, every gardener can find flower beds,made of tires. It is attractive that this material is not afraid of rain and frost, its products will serve you for a long time. Someone uses the usual way: he simply fills the tire with earth and plants plants in it. Well, it can still decorate with different colors. But it is better to show a little imagination and patience to get the original flower beds. Armed with a grinder and a sharp knife, cut out the teeth along the contour of the tire, then turn it inside out. The teeth can be of different sizes (from 10 to 40 cm), it all depends on the size of the wheel itself. Now you need to turn your product over, secure it from below for stability, and fill it with earth on top. But before that, of course, you can decorate your crafts from car tires. Then they will only have to arrange on your site and plant flowers in them. Especially such flower beds are relevant in the courtyards, where everything is concreted and there are no ordinary flower beds.
sandbox from the wheel

Products for car tires for the garden

For the garden you can come up with a lot of crafts thatwill be not only beautiful, but also useful. The most common are high ridges, for example, for strawberries. And the place will take a little, and the berries will always be clean. Today, most people prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle and love to ride bikes. Take a few wheels and dig them in a row vertically into the ground. You will have the original bike parking. You can still make an interesting sink. Just put a painted tire under the faucet, or a few pieces one by one, and in them mount an old sink or an unnecessary basin. Arrange the drain, give the surface an interesting texture, and a useful garden craft is ready.

tire swans

tire figures
In addition, you can arrange the gardenall kinds of figures from the tires. Naturally, the most common are swans, which can be used as flower beds, and placed at a homemade pond. For the kids in the garden, you can build a sandbox from a huge wheel and insert a large beach umbrella into it. Automobile tires can also be used as a roofing material for a small shed where garden tools are kept. You can still make garden furniture. Just put the small wheels on top of each other, and in the middle make a soft seat. And from the big wheels, build a leg for the table, on which you can fix the tabletop from any available material. As you can see, there can be a great many ideas, it only remains to fantasize and apply a little effort.