/ Summer bags with their own hands - it's easy!

Summer handbags - it's easy!

Very often, stumbling into an interesting storehandbag, we understand that it is made in the simplest way, and lessons on the creation of such bags we passed in school at the lessons of work. And it is at this moment that we are surrounded by an irresistible desire to create. But often these impulses end only on the search for an answer to the question of how to sew a bag of leather or fabric. But those original handbags are also made by craftsmen, and we, too, can create something like that. Summer bags are the easiest to make with their own hands, because for their manufacture it is possible to choose an interesting and rather thin fabric with which a household machine can easily cope.

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First, let's get to the theory to gather our thoughts and determine the course of work.

  • Inspiration.

Not everyone can just take and draw a sketch of the finished product, so you need to find a photo of the bag you like and, starting from the model, move on to the next stage.

  • Pattern on paper.

If you have decided on a choice and decided to createyourself and your beloved daughter with jeans handbags, you will not need patterns here. They are very simply sewed, it is only necessary to cut off the trousers, lay a seam on the bottom and sew the handles. But if you are attracted to more complex models, you will have to make some calculations and transfer them to paper. As an option - a pattern can be found independently, the main thing is that some summer bags are already sewn by someone with their own hands. It is better to take it from forums where the handymen and needlewomen communicate, so to speak, first-hand.

how to sew a bag of leather

  • Material selection.

Summer handbags can be sewn from anymaterial. Even if the fabric of the color you like is too thin, it can be stabilized with non-woven fabrics or dupleryn. So, we choose for the bag the necessary cut of fabric for the top and lining, threads in the tone of the fabric and the necessary fittings (zippers, rings and so on, based on the model).

  • Open the fabric.

Here we need a paper pattern, cloth,a piece of soap and scissors. We lay out the billets on the fabric, we traverse the contour with soap and cut out, leaving allowances for the seams. If you have chosen a thin fabric and it needs stabilization, put a backing cloth over the underside of the part and iron it with a hot iron, then cut the part.

  • Assemblage of details.

When all the details are cut, it remains only to collectthem together. Stages of assembly determines the model of the bag, more precisely, its relief seams, the bottom form, the presence of pockets and so on. The first thing is going to the front of the bag, then the lining, which can also have a variety of pockets and dividers. And the final stage is joining the lining with the top of the bag.

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They say who is aware - he is armed, so that,after passing the theory, it's time to start practicing. In fact, sewing summer bags with their own hands is not so difficult, as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, stop postponing for later this interesting activity, include fantasy and get down to business. Believe me, the result is worth the time and effort, after all, after the work done, you will get an original and one-of-a-kind handbag.