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Mats from plastic bags in the hallway and bathroom

What to do if it is difficult to find the perfect option for floor mats in the bathroom and toilet, where the humidity level is particularly high? Sometimes the situation is just hopeless.

Plastic bag mats
Showing imagination, you can make beautifulrugs made of plastic bags that will not only be used for their intended purpose, ensuring hygiene and ease of operation, but also perfectly decorate the rooms.

Rugs from plastic bags. Their advantages

First, they do not absorb moisture, and therefore do notkeep damp in the room. Secondly, bath mats, made by hand, perfectly decorate the room itself. You can make them colorful and diversified. And finally, thirdly, to wash them completely is not difficult, as, indeed, and dry. In addition, any such rugs made of plastic bags can be placed not only in the bathroom or toilet, but also in front of the entrance door, where humidity is also often observed, and dirt from the street is collected.

DIY bath mats

In short, the application of these elementsdecoration is very practical, and with proper execution and aesthetic. And if you take into account how easily they are made, then you just have to pick up the colors and turn on your favorite movie so that knitting rugs from plastic bags was not such a boring act.

The process of creating a masterpiece of pompons

There are two ways to make rugs outplastic bags. The first is the creation of fluffy pompoms, which are then linked together. Such a rug will not only fulfill its direct functions, but also perfectly decorate any room. These products look volume and interesting.

knitting mats of plastic bags

In order to make pompons, you needcut strips of plastic bags (about a centimeter wide), wrap them on a template, and then tie them in the middle. After that, the edges are cut, and the product is fluffed. It is necessary to make such pompons as much as necessary for the intended size of the product. When you do this, you can sew them onto a carpet netting (sold in handicraft stores). If you don’t find one, you can easily make this net yourself by simply crocheting it.

Rugs from plastic bags. Knitting process

The second way to create a product is banal.knitting. In addition to its standard properties, such a mat will be dense, it will be easier to wash it under running water. In addition, you can make absolutely any patterns.

Products from plastic bags

To make such a masterpiece you will needstrips three centimeters wide (you can have two and a half), which you will then crochet. This process is long, but at the same time very exciting. You can knit according to the schemes, which are used for ordinary threads (up to openwork weaving), or you can simply make a solid canvas. This is a matter of your taste and abilities (after all, not everyone can crochet masterfully).

By the way, plastic bags will be useful not only for rugs, but also for beach bags, vases, caskets and even slippers.