/ Crochet Rug. A few ideas

Rug the crochet. A few ideas

Hook can create many useful things: clothes, toys, pillows, bedspreads, shawls and cloaks. They will not only be of high quality, but also unique in their kind. But few know that it is possible to make a rug crochet - color or monophonic, with a pile or without it. It is about him that will be discussed in our article.


The first thing to do is pick up the yarn. Suits are synthetic as well as natural. Some even knit a rug crocheted with plastic bags.

So, you have decided on the thickness of the thread. It's time to choose the right color scheme. In this you can help special tables of shades. If you want to make a rug quickly, it is better to buy a thick hook (starting from the sixth number) and thick threads. And if you want to tie a rug with many small patterns, you can buy thread and thinner, but this decision will not always be justified.

mat crochet pattern
After you have chosen the thread, it's timeknitting! The easiest crochet crochet can be created using only air loops and columns with one crochet. First you need to make a grid according to the principle of loin knitting. The grid can be not only rectangular or square, but also round or oval. In this case, you have to knit it in a circle. Once you have tied the mesh (it is better to make it from thick strong threads), you can begin to unfasten the rug itself. First you need to draw a pattern with a needle with a thread of a different color. Then start tying the mesh. In each cell, tie three columns with one crochet (you can have two, but not more). In this case, you should start with the main color, and then tie the colored part of the pattern in random direction with the ruffles. This mat will be beautiful and soft. It is better to connect it from natural threads - cotton or flax. At the same time, his wrong side will also be pretty nice.

You can tie the rug with crochets from individual motifs. They can be square, round, hexagonal or triangular. You can also use different threads. First, you need to make the motifs, and then connect them with a thread with a needle, a hook or a sirloin grid, which will be tied between them.

tie a crochet
You can try to make the rug crochet and inIrish technique. You will also have to impose a lot of motives - flowers, patterns, animals. Then they all connect and turn into a single canvas. Motives can be either one or different colors.

But there is also uninterrupted knitting (that is, without breaking the thread). In this case, you use one thread and tie the motif one by one.

At the cottage or in a country house you can tie a rugfrom unnecessary plastic bags. First you need to collect a lot of color packs, then tear them into strips and tie them together into one long rope. From it, the crochet crochets. The scheme is simple - you either knit in a circle with columns without a crochet, or rows - columns without a crochet or with one. Such a mat has a number of valuable advantages. Firstly, it is not a pity to lay him somewhere in a barn or on a porch, and secondly, the creation of such a rug practically does not require investments. And, thirdly, it is strong enough and waterproof.