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Cap for the girl: we make ourselves

At any time of the year, every child should havesuitable headwear. In the summer it is a beautiful panama that will protect the baby from the scorching sun rays. In winter, a warm hat for a girl will save the child from the cold. Today the assortment of hats intended for young women of the fairer sex is wide and very diverse. However, it is almost impossible to choose a suitable model. That the right size is not, then the quality raises serious doubts, or simply it is impossible to pick up a headdress matching in color to the outer clothing.

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But such problems are not known to those whomakes clothes for his child by himself. In this case, the fabric or yarn of the required quality will not be difficult to acquire. In addition, you can choose not only the right color, but also the shade of the future product. If desired, you can even use a knitted yarn to wear the same headgear in combination with different clothes.


In addition, a cap for a girl can bedecorated in various ways. For this purpose, you can use the purchased lace or flowers and other items made with your own technique. This will ensure that the outer clothing and winter or autumn hat for the girl will be made in the same style. In the store to find the right option, most likely, will not work. In addition, the product you created will be the only one of its kind. After all, a hat is made in one copy and under a certain size.

If the headdress is sewn, then you can choose twodifferent material. The first one will be used as a lining. To this tissue must be presented more elevated requirements. If the quality is low, the baby will experience discomfort while wearing the thing. The top layer is also desirable to be made of a natural material. However, if desired, any other suitable material may be used.

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A cap for a girl can also be connected. In doing so, you can use the hook or spokes. In the first case, you will get a delicate beautiful product, in which it will not be hot even during a very intense heat. Crochet cap can also be connected for the winter season. To this end, it is necessary to choose a sufficiently dense pattern. If desired, you can also tie the headgear with just the pillars without the crochet. However, given that the hat is designed for the girl, it should be properly decorated. Very attractive look products, decorated with flowers and leaves, related to the technique of Irish lace. If you make a summer hat, it is better to choose a beautiful openwork and a hook thinner. In that case, the panama will keep the shape well.

Often knitted hats for girls are madewith the help of spokes. In this case, you can get a thin headdress. If you choose cotton, then this will be the best option for the summer. By purchasing wool, you can tie a warm hat for the winter. In this case, it is desirable to make a two-layer headpiece to provide maximum protection against cold.