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Lessons of needlework. How does the knitting cap fit the girl?

How lucky the girls, whose mothers know how to knit.The wardrobe of small women of fashion is regularly updated with new original handmade vests. The craftsmen do not get tired of coming up with more and more new knitted dresses for young ladies. In this article we will share with you information about how to perform a beautiful double hat for girls with knitting needles. The description is given in such detail that even an aspiring needlewoman can bind such an accessory. The size of this cap is calculated on the circumference of the head - 52 centimeters. But the product can be performed in a smaller format, and more. It is regulated by the number of initially typed loops. So, we are studying the master class "Knitted hat for the girl (knitting needles) and are inspired by needlework.

knitted hat for girls with knitting needles

We prepare materials

To perform the headdress, we will need150 grams of yarn wool / acrylic (150 m / 50 g). That the product does not prick, does not cause skin irritation and the child was comfortable in it, take care of the purchase of threads marked on the label "child". This is a specially crafted yarn for making products for babies. In the work we will use circular knitting needles No. 2,5 (on the line).

Pearl pattern - simple and beautiful

For knitting such a headdress, you canuse any drawing. For beginner craftsmen we suggest to perform it with a pearl pattern. 1 row: 1 front and 1 purl loops are knitted alternately. 2 row and all the others are even: it is executed as loops look. 3 ranks: alternately, one purl and one face loop are knitted.

hat for girls

How does the knitting cap fit for the girl (top layer)

The product is made in circular rows by a thread in twoaddition. Type 90 loops and start knitting cuffs 7-8 centimeters high with an elastic band 3x3. In the next row we perform the increase. To do this, through each 6 loops, make one crochet, resulting in 105 spokes on the spokes. Knit them straight, until the product reaches a height of 20 cm. The rounding of the cap is done by the method of loosening the loops. How to do it? In each second row, tie two loops together every 6, then every 5, 4 and so on. When there are only 8-10 loops left on the knitting needles, tighten them, cut the thread and secure.

We knit the bottom part of the headdress

That the small head is not frozen, the capknitting needles (for a girl) will be double. In order to make its inner layer, type on the inner edge of the rubber of the already finished part 87 of the loops. Knit them with a single strand of facial smoothness. When the product reaches a height of 17 centimeters, do only decrease in the first three rads: first through every 6 loops, then through 5 and after 4. The remaining loops close, but do not tighten them. We can assume that the cap is knitted for girls. It remains to arrange trivialities.

Assembling and decorating

hat for girls
Gently sew the inside of the cap toexternal. This is done with the help of a large needle and thread, from which the headpiece is connected. Carry out the pompom and attach it to the top of the head. Decorate the product with rhinestones, textile or knitted applique.

This is just how the hat is made with knitting needles forgirls. We hope that this master class will be taken on by mummies-knitters and very soon in the wardrobe of young ladies there will be brand new handmade hats.