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Knitted cap with ears in different variations

Your needlework can not just become an excellenta gift, but also a good economy of the family budget. For example, a winter cap knitted with ears is an excellent option for short walks. This is beautiful, and fashionable, and bright, so it will suit any creative personality, especially since there are lots of options.

What are they like?

knitted hat with ears

A knitted female hat with ears can be madein the form of any animal: from a cat to a frog, and maybe in its classical execution. At this point, your choice. In the first case you are guaranteed all the looks of passers-by, but such a product quickly bothers and does not fit any top clothes. Agree, the lady in the mink fur coat and cap in the form of a bee looks slightly lightly. But the classic version will suit everyone, except for bright and creative personalities. And at the same time it will be combined with any clothes. Ears beanie snug close your own. In such a thing, no frost is terrible to you. A cap knitted with ears can also be with tie-backed tails. Thus, it easily changes its appearance depending on your mood and weather conditions.

We knit ourselves

knitted hats with ears

Knitted hats with ears, whose patternsare presented below, knit very simply and quickly. And you can work as a crochet or with spokes - here at your choice. Such hats can easily and quickly knit anything, at least with a fork. When choosing a thread, do not choose a very thick one. Such a cap will contact in an hour, but it will be blown by any breeze. Do not need to take a thread with a high content of synthetics, in such a product you will simply be cold. Wool is the best choice, and one skein is enough for you. Needles or hooks need to be selected according to the thickness of the thread, and also according to the knitting pattern. If you have a volume thread with bright colors, you should not choose a sophisticated drawing, it will still not be visible. And the last tip: before you knit, you need to make a test sample to understand the density of your knitting, depending on the thickness of the thread. This is necessary to adjust the number of loops for your head coverage. A cap knitted with ears will be obtained from you in one evening with due skill and diligence. After you have connected the cap itself in any way, you need to dial seven more loops for one ear. This can be done by crocheting.

knitted female hat with ears

Next is to knit "ears" in the usual wayStitches without crochets to make the mating more dense. You can bind them separately, and then sew to the main header. Do not forget to arrange them symmetrically. Ready-made ears should be tied with a crochet so that in their very end a loop is formed, for which it will be possible to lift them to the buttons sewn to the cap.

A few more options

You can try to tie the cap to long ones likethe spaniel, the ears. At the same time, it is possible to make the top of the head with a thread-"grass" and tie the ears with it. It turns out an interesting and unusual effect. A similar cap knitted with ears will be an excellent decoration for your wardrobe. If you knit with acrylic threads, it is better to make a fleece lining or thick jersey. It's quite simple to do this, and the hat will become warmer and cozy. And the last: on the ears, if desired, leave long tails-pigtails. They can be tied behind, then the hat will again get another unusual look.