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Jewelery with their own hands: original ideas, manufacturing techniques

If you want to do something good, make it yourshands. Bijouterie, made at home, will be at times different from the store, and for the better. You will definitely be sure of the quality of the material and in compliance with the production technology. Also, you will be cheered up with accessories that you made yourself. Ideas for making unique ornaments look for below.


feather earrings

Such universal jewelry can becomethe addition of any outfit. Leather texture and restrained shades can transform both business image and evening bow. How to make jewelry yourself? Take three small pieces of skin. You can use both natural material and artificial. Choose the shades so that they fit well with each other. The ideal option is a color stretch from a dark shade to a light one. Now draw a pattern of two feathers. One of them should be large, and the other - a little smaller. Cut out a feather from the dark skin on a large pattern. Using scissors, you need to make fringe around the edges. A small pattern should be cut in half. Of the two unused skin colors, you need to cut out the right and left sides. Scissors make cuts, a little short of the middle. And now you can decorate half of the feather of a light brown hue with white dots. We make holes in the upper part of all blanks and collect the earring on the shvenza. We make one more earring according to the same scheme.

Brooch leaf

brooch sheet

Do you like making bead jewelry with your own hands?Then the idea of ​​this brooch should come to your liking. The shape of the product is simple and concise, which means that this decoration is ideal for any one. The color scale, sustained in pastel shades, is trendy. The picture of the master class of costume jewelry with their own hands is attached above. Make the product you need according to the following scheme. Cut out the blank from the white felt. With the help of gold beads create an average streak. Now alternating white and gold circles, form rows in one of the parts of the sheet. In the other side, glue a large stone, and then lace it with gold beads. It remains in a chaotic order to sew large beads. The leaf leg can be decorated with rhinestones. With this technology, you can make other jewelry made from beads by yourself.

Necklace from leather

necklace made of leather

Leather jewelry today is at its peakpopularity. And such jewelry can be made by any fashionista. Use is not natural, but artificial material. It is desirable to choose a skin of saturated dark shades: burgundy, emerald, sapphire or brown. We will make a necklace from this material. First you need to cut out two triangles. One big, the other small. We turn the large workpiece inside out and attach it to a small detail. The backing of the necklace should be matte, and the upper part - glossy. Now truncate the triangles along the edges and form a neckline in the upper part. Sew the workpiece, focusing on the attached picture. From the lower triangle you need to create a fringe. On both sides of the upper part we sew leather laces. Decoration of the necklace can be a suspension of beads attached to the center of the product.

Pendant from a lace

lace pendant

What is appreciated in jewelry most?Original idea. Any needlewoman can create jewelry by herself, if she can find a good idea. This version of the decoration gives a lot of options for creativity. In fact, this suspension is a string on which beads are strung. Such decorations are very popular today. And what is most interesting, it is difficult to meet two girls who tied the suspension the same way. How to make a similar product yourself? Bijouterie for beginner needlewomen may seem incredibly tricky, but there is nothing complicated here. Take the leather cord and beads. Fold the string in half. On two free ends, put on three beads, fixing them in place knots. On the second part of the leather lace you need to put on one bead, fix it in place and tie a small knot around the small ring. Pushing the ends of the suspension through the loop, you can fix the product on the neck each time in a new way.

Beads from polymer clay

beads from polymer clay

This product of others can surprise the originalidea. Jewelery with their own hands will be created from polymer clay. Before you start, you need to stretch the material well in your hands. Now take a black piece of polymer clay and roll it into a homogeneous layer. Using a special shape or glass, you need to cut out the circles. One of them should be big, and the other should go for a reduction. When the wheels are ready, you need to deform them a little, giving the workpiece volume. Roll balls out of red plastic. Flatten them in the fingers and fasten the circles to the black workpieces. The red elements in the assembled beads will have to create a wave, so keep this in mind when you collect the blanks into a single whole. To each element we attach an iron ring, and then bake the billets in the oven. Put the finished circles on the leather string in the desired sequence and attach a small clasp to the string.

Ring made of wire

ring made of wire

Technician of making jewelry with their own handsthere is a great variety. You can master one of them, which is called a filigree. Similarly, jewelers create their own precious metal products. You can put your first experience on the wire. Make an ornament. Jewelery with their own hands is created with the help of nippers and pliers. Take the wire and round it with any cylindrical shape. Now make an inflection of one of the ends and start it in the opposite direction. At the back of the ring, this tail of the wire should rise and acquire the shape of a spiral. And the lower end of the wire immediately without any kinks should go down. You can experiment and give the wire any shape. You can supplement such a ring with beads or with natural stones.

Pendant made of leather and wood

unusual suspension

How to make an unusual decoration yourself?Costume jewelery can be different. For example, this version successfully combines natural materials with artificial ones. To make such a necklace, you will need to find a beautiful dry tree branch. And you need to take a fairly thick workpiece, cleansing it from the bark, you will get a branch 1 cm thick. After the billet dries, it needs to be varnished. So, the tree will better retain its appearance and will not begin to mold. On the sides of the branch you need to make holes. Insert a leather cord into them and fasten it with knots. Cut the string in half and insert a buckle into its middle. Under the wooden element, you need to tie each leather rope to a short element of the same material. As a result, on each side of the branch will hang on three ropes. We attach metal and plastic accessories to them.

A bracelet

chain bracelet

How to make a bracelet-jewelry with your own hands?The master class of this decoration is given above. Create a stylish accessory will be easy. You will need a chain and a thick hair band. It is advisable to take a colored blank. But if you are a fan of the classics, then you can choose white, black or milky. Costume jewelry with their own hands is made as follows. Measure the size of the chain by hand. Now, with the help of pliers, unhook the extreme links. Put the elastic band in the link and close it with the help of pliers. If you do not have a rubber band at hand, you can replace it with a thick bundle. Based on this master class you can experiment. For example, combine two chains of different sizes, attach a ribbon or ribbon to them. And you can add a bracelet like a pendant. On each link of the chain you need to fix on a metal bead. Such accessories should resemble popular today charms. If you have such decorative elements, you can decorate the accessory with them.