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Carnation from paper by own hands - 5 variants of manufacturing with the detailed description

Carnation is an unusual flower that combinesin itself a tender beauty and a strict geometry of the lines. Each petal has an effective carved structure. Many lovers of crafts made of paper do not even try to reproduce the work of nature itself, thinking that this is a very troublesome and time-consuming task.

However, ways to make cloves from paperhands a few, some will be easier to master, others do have several time-consuming stages. In this article, we'll figure out how to make such an effective flower, both voluminous and flat. From the first you can make a magnificent bouquet and put it in a vase or give it to a friend for a holiday, another to attach to a cardboard sheet, creating a holiday card.

One thing is for sure, try to make a carnation from paper with your own hands, after a detailed explanation it will be possible to make it with ease.

Corrugated paper flower

For such a bulk carnation will be requiredcorrugated paper of two colors. In the photo below, the red for the bud and the green for the stem are selected. However, the flower can be made in absolutely any color. Carnations are white and purple, burgundy and blue, pink and yellow. What do all the flowers in common have carved leaves. How to make a clove from paper with your own hands, read on.

how to make cloves from paper

Red paper is cut into wide strips,which are added in several parts, and the edge on one side is formed by small triangles. Try to ensure that all the ends are the same. Then the tape is unfolded and the most time-consuming part of creation is made, namely, folding with a small "accordion", each face of which corresponds to the cut out corner. Some of this process is omitted, however, after folding, the carnation made from paper has a more natural appearance.

Attaching to the rod

After processing, the edge of the workpiece is spread with gluePVA and attached to the edge of the rod. You can take a thick wire, but before winding the paper, bend its upper edge with a crochet so that the flower holds tightly to the rod. When winding, the paper is picked up by hands, and in the end, everything is fixed with threads.

Then the work is done on the stalk.Using a strip of green color, the lower part of the flower is pasted first, and then gradually descends along the entire wire. The edges are also covered with PVA glue. From thin strips, you can decorate the leaves and weave them into the base.

Flowers made of tissue paper

You can make a carnation from paper with your own hands andmore simple method. It will take thin paper, thread, sharp scissors or forceps. Take a bundle of rectangles folded together. Fold "accordion" 1 cm wide. Then using sharp scissors, cut the ends of the workpiece with corners.

carnations from the

Capron thread is tightly bandaged exactly in the middle of the "accordion" and tie a tight knot. It remains only to accurately level each layer by hands, lifting the details upwards.

Making carnations from circles

Billets for making carnations from colored paperThey make the same with their own hands. These are circles cut out on a single pattern. Then every detail is folded in half, then again. The resulting triangles are not completely incised into four parts. Cut a small central point. And the outer edge of the scissors is processed so that many small corners are obtained.

step-by-step instruction

Then the circle is formed by "accordion" by sectors.When the workpiece is unfolded, a relief part is obtained. So you can make 5 or 6 elements. Assembly is performed alternately. On a wire with a rounded edge, one by one, all the petals are put on the bottom. In the end they are pressed down with their fingers, so that the ends look upwards. The lower part of the craft is wound with threads.

how to collect a flower together

Between the layers of paper on the center of each mugapply glue PVA. It remains to wrap the bottom part of a strip of green paper and make similar to the stem of the stem. Now you know how to make carnations from paper with your own hands.

The easiest option

There is such a carnation from a strip in width 4 -5 cm. In order for the flower to have rounded wavy petals, it is necessary to press the fingers with pressure and stretching to give one edge of the workpiece an unevenness. Attach the prepared strip to the rod from the wire with the bent end. You can twist the pliers with pliers or simply twist the edge around the axis. This further prevents the flower from slipping off the stem.

the easiest version of carnation from paper

Then the bottom edge of the flower is tied with threads and wrapped in green paper, like the whole wire to the very bottom. Use for gluing PVA glue.

Postcard in quilling technique

A voluminous postcard with carnations can be presenteda veteran on Victory Day or the Pope on February 23. Strips of quilling are chosen the same width. For the petals buy bright shades, and for the leaves - green. If you are not familiar with the quilling technique, we will remind you that this is a twisting of strips around a rod, the function of which can be entrusted to a toothpick or a thin wooden skewer. If you like creating crafts, then you'll get yourself a special hook with a slot on the end.

clove quilling

How to make original carnations from paperown hands? Step-by-step description of the work read further. The petals are made by winding the rod freely. The edge of the strip is glued to the PVA glue to the last coil. Then, every detail you need to crush your fingers, creating a heart shape. They are pasted onto the cardboard of the postcard in two rows. The bowl for the petals is made tightly wrapped. After attaching the edge, you need to press a little in the middle. The milled part is the part to the petals. It remains to make twigs and leaves. They are carried out by winding on a thick rod. You can use a marker or a bottle of medicine. After attaching the edge, the leaf is squeezed from both sides and bent by a wave.

The article gives examples of making a favorite flower with step-by-step instructions and photos. Try to create a paper carnation yourself. It is not difficult. Good luck in work!